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A Healthy Project
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Dec 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“A Healthy Project” is a youth exchange financed by Erasmus+ that brings together 30 young people from 6 different countries in an intercultural experience that focuses on ways in which we can improve our lifestyle. It is going to take place in Romania, 2Mai, between th1st and 11th of September 2016.It is not a mystery the fact that modern society developed a multitasking, high speed type of lifestyle and that lately we see ourselves and the ones around us starting to pay the price for our way of life. We focus a lot on school, education, careers, making deadlines and pleasing others that at the end of the day we barely have time to think about ourselves. Dreams and objectives are often borrowed and seldom fit with our true self. We fargot to think about what we really want and lately we don’t even realise what we really need. This is easily seen in a basic area we tend to neglect: our physical health. We see young people having trouble managing this area of their life. Moreover we see this problem affecting also other areas of their life. Numerous studies and our own first hand experience shows us that this problem is not going away and that if we keep neglecting it we might end up paying the price. We want young people to get in touch with who they are, what they want and need. We want them to be aware of the dangers that come with our modern way of life and we want them to have the motivation and tools to face them. Our objectives are:By the end of the project the 30 participants will:Develop or improve their knowledge regarding a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, physical activities and how to use the information they receive(media, the education system) to their benefit.Develop or improve skills like: managing their own learning process according to what they need, living a healthy lifestyle(eating habits, sport related activities), interacting with others(participants, the community) Develop or improve their attitude towards learning, developing good habits(what they eat, the importance of being active physically, self awareness, challenging the veridicity of the information that is presented to them(mass media, education) and the habits they picked up(peer pressure, traditions, etc)Our participants are young people, mostly between 18 and 24 that have trouble managing their lifestyle. They are not aware that they can change their habits and they don’t have the tools to do it. Some of them are faced with fewer opportunities that make matters even worse.We prepared together with many of them, fun, challenging activities that will help them realise who they are, the power they have and the direction they need to follow in order to reach their goals. We focus on non formal methods that will allow them to share their experience and realise the power of learning in improving their lifestyle. We will deliver knowledge and help them in developing the right skills by working in teams and involving in the community. By the end of the project the participants will have a clearer understanding of themselves, their dreams and needs, the power they have in changing and improving their lives but also a bigger picture: teamwork, the intercultural experience, volunteering and making a change in the community.In the end, our message will be clear to participants as well as to our communities. We are living in challenging times. It is up to us to develop and use the right skills we need to make our lives the way we want them to be. We are lucky to have so many opportunities to help us achieve this: non formal education, volunteering, Erasmus+ programmes and it’s again up to us to take advantage of them.
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