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A – HA: Active Healthy Attitude
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Apr 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

According to the statistics and researches of European Commission, alcohol, drugs and smoking are one of the biggest problems from early ages in our societies and unfortunately these are general problems in our countries we have to face with as youth workers in our daily work. As youth workers, youth leaders and young people, we have to deal with these problems, we have to show examples for young people, give information what happens with them, with their lives if they make a bad decision. As responsible citizens of their local communities and as citizens of Europe, they are responsible for their health and each other’s safety. Their behaviour has an influence on their community, their surrounding, and it starts with their families, friends, schoolmates, neighbourhood. This is our biggest challenge as youth workers, youth leaders, young people, to support and motivate our target groups to fight against drugs and support them to learn becoming a useful part of their communities. The overall aim of the partnership building seminar is to provide space and opportunity for youth workers, youth leaders of local youth organisations on supporting young people to become healthy citizens of Europe, sharing and exploring non – formal educational methods as youth leaders and peers against smoking and different type of drugs, foster their understanding concerning the importance of tools and techniques they can prepare and use among young people in order to motivate them making more sport, live healthier without smoking and drugs. Discussing quality standards of youth exchange having as theme anti smoking and anti drugs e.g. responsibility of group leaders and responsibility of young participants. Number and profile of our participants: 34 participants, 4 from each partner country with ages over 18 years, with experience in youth field, nonsmokers. Interested in healthy lifestyle. A – HA: Active Healthy Attitude” - Partnership building seminar on raising awareness on methods, tools and techniques against smoking and drug usage of young people within youth work activities locally and in youth exchanges among EU countries. It will be held in: Arcus, Romania at 14 -21 December 2014. The seminar is based on non - formal education. It consists of non – formal, informal and formal learning elements. Based on the needs and expectations of participants. It is learner – centred and it has huge self – directed learning process. Self – assessment part will be provided and ensure several creative and participatory methods for participants. The experienced trainers’ team will provide several active methods and tools for participants in order to become active most of the time. Participants will work in individually, in pairs, in national and mixed pairs. Methods will be used: brainstorming, thought shower, creative writing, questioning, making interviews, montage, active listening, role plays, etc. Results: European map drawn by participants and it includes their names and living places. The interactive presentations of organisational strategies against drugs, alcohol and smoking of young people. A booklet from the descriptions of the grass root sports and games and from the healthy food recipes of represented countries. Posters of the learning outcomes and ideas how put them into local youth work practice. The proofs for achievement of the objectives of Health and Well – being of the European Youth Strategy in the town as good examples. Presentations from the laws and realities in the represented countries regarding to prevent and solve problems with alcohol, smoking and drugs in young age. General overview of youth work activities in the represented countries against drugs, alcohol and smoking. Methods’ Booklet against smoking, alcohol and drugs with suggestions for adaption to different local realities. Tools and techniques against drug, alcohol and smoking of young people. E. g. poster, movie, radio spot, condom, flyer, tshirt, socks, facebook, social advertisement, etc.General presentation of Erasmus + programme and Quiz on youth exchanges. Quality standards of youth exchanges with vulnerable youth. Our partners will organise workshops where they will invite youth workers, youth leaders, young people from their local communities and try the methods to run together offered by Methods’ Booklet. We will work and submit several applications in several countries based on these quality standards and according to the proposals of the new programme Erasmus +. We do hope that we can realise several youth exchanges from 2014 based on these quality standards and in the sake of healthy lifestyle of young people with fewer opportunities we work with.
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