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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school has already applied for the project last year. That’s why we have an experience at our disposal. The application wasn’t actualised but we still are in contact with our German partner. The partnership began in 2013 and was held through the regular contact. We took part in the meetings organised by Tempus and in the banquets gave out by our German partner. The contemporary project is aimed at students from the majors like: cook, waiter and confectioner. The title of the project is “In the stew in Europe”. The main aim of our project is to reconcile the theory and practice. It also creates better chances for our students to cope with the world of work. These theory and practice obtained by the students will be fulfilled according to the demands of the present world of work. This possibility to take part in the work practice abroad attracts other students to choose our school, therefore the number of students grows. Other results connected with the aims of the project raise the issue of various work processes which concern the preparations and getting to know other seasonings, also these specialised for the German eating habits. This project begins in June 2014 directly after the announcement of the project acknowledgement. It concerns two groups which will be chosen mainly by the means of their behaviour and attitude. These groups comprise of 10-10 people, who are at least 16 years old. Our school is in a constant contact with the interested students through Facebook. They are potential participants for the work practice. Because of this easy access to the social media sites the beginning of the project can also take part during holidays. The process of choosing participants for the first group starts in June 2014. The students will be assigned in the middle of August, therefore they can go to Thüringen already in September. The preparation of the participants begins after election and lasts till the students go abroad. Work practice of the first group takes part between 15 September and 13 October 2014. The students go to their work place in two groups, where they work in their majors connected with kitchen and restaurant. They will stay there for 4 weeks. At 22 September there will be a monitoring visit, when the partial assessment will be covered. This kind of assessment will be also added to the whole mark. After their return the Monitoringteam will publicise the effects from the practice along with pictures on the website. The students will go home at 13 October and then they are going to receive practice certificates. There will be also Hungarian note included. It will contribute to the future grades of the students. They publicisethe effects and experience through presentations. Therefore they can share information with the participants from the second group. After the end of the first practice students will include the results of the practice into the curriculum. The choice of the second group begins in May 2015 and the whole process is similar to this of the first group. The second group also consists of 10 students with majors: cook, confectioner and waiter. Their practice will take place in June 2015. And this project is dated to be finalized at the end of August. The most important results from the practice are that contradictions between the majors will be eradicated. Moreover, theory and practice will go hand in hand. The expectations of the world of work will be included in curriculum. The students should also learn how to become a part of the whole process. Their insight on their place in the world of work plays also a huge role during the practice process. That’s why the ECVET system among individual activities handled by students is also important (laying the table, preparation of the buffet, preparing the menu). Last but not least is the proficiency of a foreign language. Motivation and linguistic development count as the short-term effects on students. They should also develop the sense of the rivalry. The long-term results cover the close-up concerning the connection between the world of work and acquired theory. Accordingly the school proposes better chances for the students. It may be caused by the fact that students can acquire every kind of knowledge and qualifications which are needed in the world of work. This impact is the most important effect of the external work practice.

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