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A Good Command of English as a Modern Lingua Franca : Our Gateway to Future Professional Careers
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The 2 year long project 'A Good Command of English as a Modern Lingua Franca : Our Gateway to Future Professional Careers' will concern 30 students of two 13/14 year old language oriented classes, one in Poland, and one in France (European Section). Since Poland and France are at the bottom of the list of European countries in which people declare to have a very good command of English (Eurostat source), we aim at increasing our students' competence in English communication skills. Moreover, we are seeking to promote young people's social inclusion and well-being by developing partnerships between education and employment and thus improving the levels of our students' skills for employability in the future. With the transnational joint project work, our students will also increase their level of digital competences and cooperative skills, develop motivation towards learning and an entrepreneur attitude, as well as experience international relations. The project will enable joint project work within the schools (implementation activities) and during mobilities (teaching/learning/training activities). It will aim at the delivering of joint productions which will be disseminated in and out of the schools. Implementation activities will involve joint study programmes or research and different workshops with partners. Project based collaboration will be carried out with peer-learning or joint work productions on virtual collaboration spaces (the e-Twinning Platform, Google Drive). Implementation activities and productions will include : A) French and Polish students' social and cultural exchange : - Getting to know each other, exchange on student's chosen subjects with different e-modules on the e-Twinning platform - Skype sessions - School Blogs about the exchange on schools' websites - Students' involvement in the preparation of the activities before hosting the transnational mobilities - Power Point presentations of the strategic partnership meetings B) French and Polish students' joint project work : - Needs Analysis (following a research on professional fields and on local labour demands and a meeting with a careers' adviser highlighting the importance of a good command of English in many professions) - Presentation of the project and collaborative creation of a logo - Presentations about skills and qualifications in different professional fields (after workshops with international companies in France, the visits in vocational-technical schools in Poland and the workshops with University students and young volunteers from AISEC having lived an international experience) - Presentations about students' dream jobs and career paths (after workshops with professionals whose jobs imply the command of English) - If possible : Comparative analysis of the Polish and French professional worlds - If possible : Survey about teenagers' professional wishes in the two schools - English - French - Polish Business Lexicon for teenagers (vocabulary and expressions students have used for the project) These productions will be gathered on the Internet Site made with the students all through the project. The Teaching / Learning / Training Activities will be carried out during the two 8 day students' mobilities (in June 2015 and in May 2016). They will enable the students to meet for real after virtual meeting and to discover each other's ways of lives, but also to do various visits and activities in and out of school, and especially to carry out cooperative work on the project in a real life situation. Indeed, they will prepare joint presentations of the project in transnational groups for other students in each of the hosting schools. This real joint work will be capital for other disseminations in and out of schools : exhibitions will be held at Schools' Career Days, Open Days and in local libraries. The coordinators of the project will encounter during two transnational meetings (one at the beginning and one at the end of the project) to plan the activities and to analyse the final outcome of results and impact. Poland will be the coordinator of the project but tasks will be distributed (the Internet website, budget control, quality checks, etc.). Even if the impact of the project will also reach the teacher, the participating organisations and the partners, the impact and long-term benefits of this project will be mainly for the participants : - an increased competence in English - an increased motivation in learning (via innovative teaching methods) - an increased awareness in professional profiles - an increased competence in ICT tools - an increased development of transversal skills (initiative, autonomy, creativity) - an opening up to another European country's culture and to European citizenship
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