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A future defined by Troika... Or not!
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

CONTEXT Arising from the participation of young people in the county in an exchange program with Ankara (Turkey) and Piedrahita (Spain) as well as the participation of the Board as a partner in other projects of the Youth in Action Programme and the direct work done in the municipality with the youth of the Week Community Education 2013 and 2014, but also with other interventions that indirectly gives them higher quality of life (municipal programs : More Education, More Culture, More Social Integration, Social Agora), the CMM has strengthened its involvement in youth. Thus, created the municipal program "Younger" which presents a set of principles and fundamental guidelines for its implementation: - Enhancement of local culture and heritage; - Balanced Management of resources and equipment; - Respect for cultural diversity and different forms of expression; - Autonomy and freedom in the definition of intervention models; - Culture of responsibility and active participation; - Strengthened individual and collective cooperation; - Development of skills and democratic values; - Encouraging critical thinking and entrepreneurial attitudes . OBJECTIVES We propose the following objectives : - Driving the intervention of the Troika and the future of the young participants at various levels (employment / youth unemployment, role of participation and partnerships, family relations, migration) countries; - Conduct workshops , visits and discussions to reflect on the active participation of young people in the country and the European Union; - Analysis and proposals for action to overcome difficulties, monetize resources and enhance opportunities. Taking into account the EU's priorities and program, this project will directly enhance the priorities of European citizenship, participation of young people, cultural diversity, creativity, initiative and entrepreneurship, employability, through processes of non-formal learning . Thus, the project will contribute to achieving several goals of the program: to promote active citizenship of young people, to develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people, promote social cohesion of the EU to contribute the developing and quality of support systems for activities young people and the capacity of civil society organizations in the youth field, to promote European cooperation in the youth field, promote the spirit of initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship and employment . PARTICIPANTS Each country will be attended by 8 young, so the total will be 32 young people, in addition to their group leaders (one per country) . Participants must have knowledge of the intervention of the Troika in your country and have to speak English fluently and be at ease in ICT . Involved young people from different countries who share the same political and economic context will be, as well as participate disadvantaged young people (depending on their geographical location, economic difficulties and cultural differences) . ACTIVITIES The project will be conducted in Moura (Portugal) involving different locations - the county and the region - according to the planned activities. This project is a youth exchange several countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain) in order to create opportunities for young people to share and confront various themes related to the intervention of the Troika and the expression and impact on those countries and in the European context . The project runs from January to December 2015 and the main activity between 23 and 31 July 2015 (9 days). An APV will be performed to understand the dynamics and expectations of partner countries, to reconcile interests and objectives on youth and Design (Mar/Apr 2015). During the exchange various activities such as workshops, seminars, debates, tours, exhibitions, etc.. The workshops (practical aspects of individual and collective creation) will be conducted by themes : employment, migration, family relationships, youth participation, economy, culture, future. The visits will be held in various structures as well as discussions on the topics covered. METHODOLOGY Everyone involved will contribute to an active and participative methodology as a means of motivation and expression, combining the contributions of all young people in the different approaches. RESULTS AND IMPACT A traveling exhibition is the result of work done over the exchange by creating a stand for the different countries involved as well as the construction of a statement that reflects the concerns of young people and their proposals and their referral to Brussels (European Commission), disseminating the results. Dissemination tools of all activities a strategy for dissemination of results in the EU will be created and defined in digital media.

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