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A European approach to CPD
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Captain Webb is a community primary school with 40 staff and 382 children. We have an on site nursery, an after school club, a breakfast club and an on site charitable Daycare provision for 2 and 3 year olds. We have a community building and are active within local community initiativesOur vision is to educate our children for a changing world by opening the door to an inspirational learning journey! The school views itself as agent for change and responsible for broadening the attitudes of both its staff and pupils in a global context. All staff at the school view any learning experience as a shared and reciprocal one, purposefully benefiting all concerned. School leaders are keen to substantiate and further their knowledge of successful and recognised systems. Strategically our school culture embraces sharing of good practice and synthesises the vision of the Erasmus + programme in order to enhance the principles of unity and dialogue across the education community. Therefore are main objectives for the project are:* To further develop and enhance whole school policy and pedagogical approaches by integrating philosophy and practice gleaned from research carried out in Finland* To encourage the use of action research and small scale projects in the field of SEN and apply and share the learning via local and international networks* To increase on a large scale the quality and quantity of creative and autonomous learning in the Early Years, and forge sustainable links amongst colleagues locally and beyond.* To enhance the use of IT in the classroom, with tangible and published outcomes for staff and pupils, along with inter- European professional network groups.* To further develop an innovative approach to global education building on solid foundations within the school and add another dimension in terms of staff specialismTo achieve our objective the school has identified key structured training courses in Finland, Italy Iceland and Spain twhich will be attended by 10 staff from a range of areas and contexts.All staff will actively contribute to the project and will bring together more and less experienced staff who will add a unique value to the implementation of the project. We have selected them based on a number of identified areas: role in our team, experience, benefit to their professional development, their willingness to innovate and ability to lead cpd. We expect a number of learning outcomes and results to be realised by taking part in this project:* Increased progress rates in the Early Years to combat low starting points (measured)* Increased progress rates across school via policy change (monitored and measured by SIP and govs)* Raised attainment levels in all subjects (measured)* Increased use of outdoor space by all pupils (measured)* Increased confidence in creative approaches to curriculum planning (monitored and analysed)* Wider range of activities using IT* More pertinent and appropriate use of classroom technology* Further policy and practice development (monitored by govs)* Enhanced staff motivation* Enhanced pupils' engagement* a more motivated workforce* A widened cultural perspectiveThe project will impact our staff, pupils, school and wider community at different levels and provide a long term benefit to our school and wider community:ParticipantsIncreased knowledge and understanding of chosen focusWider perspective on area of focus and the role of the educator in different environments and settingsIncreased confidence in own professional relationship building and the creation of collegiate networksUp-skilling in terms of self organisation, preparation, project design and action planningDevelopment of analytical skillsGreater appreciation of cultural values and influencesOrganisationAn organisation-wide global perspective and inter-cultural appreciationDirect impact on policy and practice - creative curriculum, SEN practice, IT policy and classroom practice etcBetter outcomes for children and families (benefit applies in different ways in terms of our own non British families)Broadening horizons for the local communityTarget groupsPercentage increase of progress measures in Early Years Progress and attainment significantly improved for targeted SEN pupilsSchool council minutes and whole school pupil voice records to evidence greater global knowledge and actionsImproved teaching, learning and assessment strategies incorporated by senior leaders and evaluated by governors Children appropriately, efficiently, creatively and effectively use technology
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