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A(ctive) C(itizenship), T(olerance) and Y(outh) V(olunteership) from E(urope) in Ukraine
Start date: Dec 15, 2012,

In order to build a strong society, it is necessary for youngsters to have access to education and information. Youngsters living in small urban and rural areas often do not have the same opportunities as do youngsters in regional centres. The project aims to involve the volunteers as promoters and multipliers in order to spur European Awareness and active citizenship and establish bridges of communication in between sites in their home country and the areas they are established as well as to foster intercultural understanding among young people living in Ukraine and the European Union. The project involves 7 рartner sending organizations, 12 volunteers (from Program countries) and 1 hosting organization which acts also as a coordinator.The project aims both towards volunteer social and personal development, providing them opportunities for intercultural learning, new skills and abilities development, multilingualism and European Awareness as well as organizational and community development – encouraging youngsters participation in local communities, promoting European active citizenship and encouraging international cooperation and partnership. The project is structured in three main phases: the Preparation phase (two weeks Capacity Building Program), EVS service (development and implementing of volunteers projects) and the Valorization and Evaluation Phase.
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