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A Competent Teacher in Modern School
Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The applicant institution is public primary and junior high school in New Iwiczna. The project "A Competent Teacher In Modern School" is expected to take two years from 1.06.2015 to 1.06.2017. It follows the assumptions contained in the European School Development Plan and prepare faculty to teach on CLIL-content and language integration. After the completion of the planned mobility is the introduction, in several grades of elementary school and junior high school, CLIL components on the selected items. This raises the need to increase the language skills of teachers and gain knowledge about working with CLIL. For 12 years the school has been participating in Lattitude Global Volunteering programme and overarching objective is to engage volunteers to work with teachers of other subjects not only the English language. In addition to content integration-the European language school Development Plan puts emphasis on the steady increase in the quality of language teaching. The project involves upgrading and enrichment methodology workshop for English teachers. The headmaster and the teachers of English put a huge emphasis on good preparation of students to the final exam and future studying in high school, thus raising the competence of language will give the teachers the right tools to help achieve this objective. There are 16 teachers involved in the project-5 foreign language teachers, including 4-English teachers, 1 Spanish-language and 11 teachers of other subjects. The teachers will participate in a number of language courses and language -methodology courses. The expected result of the project will be the acquisition of language competence by the teachers which will allow them to work with the use of CLIL components and an increase in the quality of teaching foreign languages. In the long term will be raised the prestige of the school in the local environment and its competitive edge to other outlets. The project "A Competent Teacher In Modern School" would run another EU projects based on the exchange of experience. We intend to pursue projects related to engaging children and youth to international exchange programme (strategic partnership). Teachers-participants will develop their interpersonal skills in the field of intercultural communication, the use of modern educational tools and work using innovative methods, make international contacts with teachers from other European countries.
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