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A change for media - Media for a change
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Nov 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The exchange will take place in Hungary, bringing together a mixed group of young people composed by refugees, migrants and young volunteers from Armenia, Spain, Italy, Finland and Hungary. The groups will consist of 4 participants each, accompanied by a trained group leader from each organisation.CONTEXT AND BACKGROUND - Europe faces an ongoing challenge of global migration processes both in the social inclusion of the arriving migrants and in the attitude of majority society. Realizing the need of intercultural discussion and international cooperation the exchange will bring together young participants from both sides of the society. Considering the distorted image of the topic in the media there is a necessity to give the chance to migrant to make their voice heard and for young European citizens to have a first hand experiences on the topic.OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT - The main goals of the project are:- to be able to create projects on their own, to make their voice heard with their newly gained tools - to empower European and migrant youth to create their common message, - to plan and realize their own project from the beginning until the end, improving their decision-making and leadership skills,- through sharing different visual and esthetical views, the participants will be able to share and see each other’s customs and cultures. - experience teamwork, formation and cooperation in a community, practise patience, persistence and tolerance. - raising awareness about the Erasmus+ program.Other objectives of the project are to help to create new international connections amongst the young participants, to foster intercultural learning and understanding, discover each other’s cultures, learn new ways of communication and creative tools, that they can implement in their local communities. Besides, participants will improve their social, communication, and language skills, that will be a crucial help for them in the future when trying to overcome their disadvantages.PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS - As the aim is to provide a wider image about migration, we chose the partner organizations in order to be able to introduce different aspects of migration and integration possibilities of migrants.The chosen partners have assured that they can show different realities and different pictures of migrants situation, and they can send experienced and motivated participants. Each group will consist of 5 participants:- 1 adult group leader who are experienced in working with youth and in the topic of migration and have at least some approximate knowledge about the topic of media.- 2 youth from the majority, who are interested in the topic of media and migration as well, who are motivated to create and to work in teams.- 2 participants with fewer opportunities (with refugee, migrant background), who are already involved and well-supported volunteers of their organizations, according to this they are ready to take part in such an international project, and they have the necessary travelling documents.DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES - The exchange will be built up by three phases: theoretical-, practical-, and final project. During of the THEORETICAL part the participant will get a wider image about migration, the participants will get familiar with the basics of moving image and the tools of media too. During the PRACTICAL sessions we will focus on the tools of moving image. The creative approach will give a great opportunity for working in teams, sharing personal stories and creating deeper interpersonal connections. During the PROJECT work the participants will work in a fixed group to empower European and migrant youth to create their common message.METHODOLOGY - The methodological frame will be based on non-formal educational methods, using many times visual tools as a way of communication. The participants will gain new skills in creating media products by the method of “learning-by-doing”.RESULTS AND IMPACTS - We expected: - a personal/professional growth for the participants, - a stronger motivation for the majority youth to participate and cooperate in teamwork, to build their image about migration on personal experiences - an opportunity for the partner organizations for a far more effective cooperation for the future - an increase of local people awareness about integration and migrants matters and a wider participation to volunteer activities and initiatives.
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