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A call for Tolerance In Europe
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are members of the European Union, 28 countries, a large family where people from different backgrounds, cultures and religions live together daily. In recent years we are becoming even more multicultural and full of diversity, since the number of refugees and immigrants is increasing in all countries. However, here problems begin. Public opinion towards Muslims is not good, especially after the terrorist attacks in Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels and Istanbul. We are afraid of terrorist attacks and some consider Muslim immigrants & refugees as if they were enemies. As a result, it increases Islamophobia, xenophobia, radical movements across Europe. The future of a united, tolerant, peaceful Europe is in our hands. A good way to improve is to educate our youth and bring them closer to other cultures and religions positively.For this reason we want to make the youth exchange "A CALL FOR TOLERANCE IN EUROPE" with 31 young people and 7 youth leaders from France, Turkey, Italy, FYROM, Czech Republic, Estonia and Spain, 4-13 November 2016. Young people aged 18-30 with different backgrounds, who cannot to travel and learn about other cultures like participants in Turkish group belonging to a national or ethnic Kurdish minority, Italy and France have participants who are descendants of immigrant families or refugees. Czech participants include underserved areas (limited public transport, poor facilities, abandoned villages) and participants from Macedonia have a difficult economic situation. In Spanish group we have some young Roma and others are unemployed.AIMS:1-Promote Tolerance to other cultures.2-Promote European Union active citizenship.3-Foster imaginative ideas to generate new solutions to conflictWe will focus in the fight against xenophobia, Islamophobia and discrimination in our countries and imaginative ideas to generate new solutions to conflicts. To find solutions and better understanding of other cultures and religions by using artistic methods, the Theatre of the Oppressed. We will also contribute to the personal and interpersonal development of participants as teamwork, respect and trust building. Promote EU citizenship and know European principles and values, also increase learning recognition through Youthpass. At the end of the project, we will create a video to promote our message and action to be shared on social networks.We will use, games, brainstorming, group work, debates, forum theatre, theatre of the oppressed, national nights, gymkhana, visits to local NGOs, reflection learning, video creation, ensuring maximum participation, making a dynamic and creative project together.The impact on participants will be good learning outcomes, will have a change in their life, learn to take more initiative, be tolerant and express their own opinions freely. The partner organizations will gain more experience in democratic working methods, promoting EU values and conflict resolution. All final products may be used for future activities. In addition, other organizations can benefit from the results and we will publish them in different areas (internet and social networks) that will extend the impact across Europe.The local population will benefit from contact with young people from different cultures during several activities, have access to products such as video and theatre. In addition to publishing the activities that we do with other organizations.In the long term, we will create curiosity of young people about Erasmus+, to join future projects and participate in our local activities, increasing the active participation of young people. Through awareness of a group of young people on the theme of tolerance and cultural diversity we will reach more people around, and we will produce the beginning of a change in making more impact in developing more tolerant and solidarious local communities in Europe.
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