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Start date: Jan 10, 2015, End date: Sep 9, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The minister of Education and Research of the Republic of Estonia Jevgeni Ossinovski has said that youngsters have unreasonably many problems in the labour market. This comes out also from many European Union reports, witch say, that youth unemployment rate is for example twice as high than for the adults. Also youngsters have fewer opportunities to find new job all over Europe. European Union strategy 2020 targets that we must reduce the rate of school leavers, raise employability and etc. There are many reasons why the youth unemployment rate is so high, but we believe that one of the problems is the youngsters fears and prejudice towards work. In the year 2012 there was 42.1% youth working with temporary contract. Also the rate of school leavers in upper secondary school is high ( in the year 2012 12.7 % of the youngsters aged 18-24 year olds had not finished education) . Due to these problems the aim of our project is to develop the youngsters self-development and self-awareness in the field of work life. The sub goals are: Young people are more aware of their own learning processes , and are able to formulate their skills, Young people are more courageous and enterprising in labor market, Young people are more motivated in the job search process, Young people develop self- support measures related to the labor market for young people. The project is carried out by four organizations from Estonia, Latvia , Italy and Portugal. The project involves four young people from each country , two boys and two girls. Participants are aged 15-22 because at that age they face many different choices. They finish schools and enter in to the labor market. Achieving the goals the partners are having from the 6th- 13th July 2015 a youth exchange in Aegviidu Estonia . Young people get together to discuss these subjects: learning to learn, motivation and employment issues. Main activities during the youth exchange are comparisons between countries, to see where the similarities and differences are. Job interviews fair will be carried out , which is a simulation of a variety of interviews . Young people have the opportunity to apply for different jobs and learn about how to communicate with different personalities . Youth Exchange will help the young people to find witch working hours are the best for them to work . Every night there will be a discussion of anonymous job seekers , where we discuss in a secure and open environment stories about job, for example my first job experience . Leaders and young people together showcase their experiences both good and bad and discuss what they could learn from the experience. Inter-cultural learning is done in a variety of cultural evenings, which will be carried out by all the youngsters together. Young people learn about other countries, music, food , sports etc , which is introduced to each other through well-known television programs such as My Sweet Kitchen rules. During the Youth exchange youngsters will record a video toolkit . The Toolkit will have pointers from youngsters to youngsters and also summaries of workshops and what the youngsters learned during the exchange. The aim is to have an interactive “quidebook”. The project and the toolkit recording will be presented in the Tallinn Haabersti district schools after the project. There will be possibility to discuss the possible creation of a follow-up project , which could help the distribution of video recordings . Youth exchange is preceded by a advanced planning visit with the partner countries and the partner organizations finalize their activities.

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