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FAST Nuclear Emergency Tools (FASTNET) (FASTNET)

Start date: 01 Oct 2015, End date: 30 Sep 2019,

When dealing with emergency, two issues with fully different time requirements and operational objectives, and thus different methods and tools, have to be considered: emergency preparedness and emergency response. This project will address both issues by combining the efforts of organizations active in these two areas to make already identified deterministic reference tools and methods a decisive ...
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"The presence of a stratification in a NPP containment is a source of concern, as pockets of hydrogen in high concentration could lead to a deflagration or detonation risk. The objectives of the project are two folds: one is to establish whether in a test sequence representative of a severe accident in a LWR a hydrogen (helium) stratification can be established during part of the transient startin ...
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Severe Accident Research Network of Excellence 2 (SARNET2)

Start date: 01 Apr 2009, End date: 31 Mar 2013,

Most of the actors involved in severe accident research in Europe, plus Canada, Korea and the United States (41 partners), will network in SARNET2 (Severe Accident Research NETwork of Excellence - Phase 2) their capacities of research in order to resolve important pending issues on postulated severe accidents of existing and future Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs). The project has been defined in order ...
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