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Judo at the Iron Gates (JUDO)

Start date: Dec 14, 2010, End date: Dec 14, 2011,

The project aims to improve the social and sportive cooperation, it increases the Romanian - Serbian joint approches in the sporting filed through an international judo tournament, two joint training camps in Romania and Serbia and the specific equipments and goods endowment.
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Network of Danubian Cities for Economic Co-operation (DONAUHANSE)

Start date: Dec 31, 2002, End date: Dec 30, 2006,

... Expected Results: The main result will be a new and sustainable network of Danube cities. Further results will be, among others: - Intensified contact among the city authorities responsible for economic development, tourism and international transport (including ports), - An elaborated marketing strategy and a logo for Danube river tourism, - Several studies ...
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