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Benchmarking on contaminated sites (BECOSI)

Start date: Nov 30, 2010, End date: Nov 29, 2013,

The industrial heritage of the Central Baltic countries has caused countless areas with contamination from chemicals and from waste. The contamination is a severe threat and because of that there is a direct need to decrease the risks for environment, human health and economy caused by contaminated sites. Finding solutions is a joint issue for all Central Baltic countries. The environmental sta ...
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Baltic Energy Efficiency Network for the Building Stock (BEEN)

Start date: Jun 20, 2005, End date: Dec 30, 2007,

...y importance within the project work have been the best practice projects (WP 5). Based on the theoretical approaches and strategies developed in WP1 to WP4, concrete projects have been realised. In Tallinn the complex energy efficient refurbishment of one residential building was implemented, now serving as an example for other residential buildings in Estonia. Also in Poland a refurbishment proj ...
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Integrated urban waste-managment model (IUWMM)

Start date: Mar 31, 2005, End date: Sep 29, 2007,

As EU societies become wealthier they create more waste. OECD estimates that every EU citizen generates 550kg solid waste per year and this number is likely to increase to 640kg by the year 2020. To address the rising waste stream, urban areas need effective municipal solid waste management (MSW) concepts that not only build upon innovative new technologies (e.g., in the recycling field), but also ...
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