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Corridor of Innovation and Cooperation (COINCO) North (COINCO North)

Start date: Dec 31, 2008, End date: Dec 30, 2011,

...petitive in a European and global setting.Corridor of Innovation and Cooperation (COINCO) North is a strategic development project, aimed at strengthening sustainable growth and development of the Oslo-Gothenburg-Malmo corridor. The main aim of the project was to promote sustainable economic growth by reducing travel time, create new arenas for business cooperation, stimulate closer academic coope ...
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Connect Baltic Sea Region+ (CBSR+)

Start date: Jun 9, 2004, End date: Sep 8, 2007,

The CONNECT concept originated in San Diego in 1985 and was established with success in Sweden in 1998. CONNECT is an initiative helping entrepreneurs to develop high standard business plans and realise their business ideas.Connect links entrepreneurs, through voluntary efforts by service providers/experts, with the financial, technical and business development resources they need to create/develo ...
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Strategic Intelligence and Innovative Clusters (STRATINC)

Start date: Jul 31, 2003, End date: Apr 29, 2007,

The aim of the operation is to increase the regional competitiveness of local businesses by using strategic intelligence methods and tools to identify, profile and monitor innovative clusters. The proposal intends to significantly increase the level of access to strategic information available to the targeted clusters or potential clusters. In terms of good practice, the different experiences of t ...
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Connect Baltic Sea Region (CBSR )

Start date: May 31, 2005, End date: Aug 30, 2005,

The overall objective of CBSR project was to stimulate creation of new firms and jobs in knowledge intensive sectors by linking entrepreneurs and innovators with R&D, service providers and venture capitalists. A short term goal was to establish Connect organisations or networks in all the countries participating in the project (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany) ...
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