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Kalmar county volunteer 2017

Start date: Aug 19, 2016, End date: Sep 18, 2017,

The project East coast volunteer 2017, involving Oskarshamn Municipality, Kalmar BTK, Opportunity House and Högsby municipality (HO), Kumulus (CO) National Centre INFORMATION POUR JEUNES, ijgd LV NRW e.V., InterAction club and réussir La Mission Locale de Lille (SO). This is a long term project to be 13 months and takes place in Oskarshamn, Emmaboda, Kalmar and Högsby. Emmaboda and Kalmar is locat ...
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Ett gott liv

Start date: Aug 15, 2015, End date: Sep 14, 2016,

The project A good life, involving the municipality of Oskarshamn, Kalmar BTK and Opportunity House (HO), Kumulus (CO) ESW, Concordia Aquitaine, ijgd Bonn and Associazione Inco (SO). This is a long-term project to be 12 months and takes place in Oskarshamn, Emmaboda and Kalmar. Emmaboda and Kalmar is located in the southern part of Kalmar and Oskarshamn is located in the county at the coast. Kalma ...
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2014 Volunteers Kalmar

Start date: Jun 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2015,

2014 Volunteers Kalmar is a long term European Volontary Service project in Sweden including 2 volunteers from 2 different countries; Cyprus and Spain lasting 12 months. The volunteers will work in 2 different youth centres in Oskarshamn. They will contribute to the development of the youth in south east Sweden. All youth centres have a large cultural agenda that the volunteers will contribute to ...
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