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Clean Ladoga

Start date: Jan 12, 2013, End date: Dec 30, 2014,

Identification and introduction of efficient measures for reducing the negative anthropogenic impacts on the ecosystem of Lake Ladoga in order to increase the fish population and to make drinking water quality better.The objectives of the project are to introduce phytoremediation and bio-leaching for environmental rehabilitations and developing environmental protection methods, toestimate biomass ...
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Eco-efficient tourism

Start date: Apr 18, 2012, End date: Apr 17, 2014,

Objective of the projectTo make Euregio Karelia region more attractive for tourists through gradual leveling of quality of the services provided to tourists on two sides of the borderMain activities• Development of models for sustainable management of actively visited tourism destinations• Development and introduction of environmentally sustainable technological solutions for facilitation of speci ...
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