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Long-Term Advanced Propulsion Concepts and Technologies II (LAPCAT-II)

Start date: Oct 1, 2008, End date: Dec 31, 2013,

"Lacpat II is a logical follow-up of the previous EC-project which has as objective to reduce antipodal flights to less than 2 to 4 hours. Among the several studied vehicles, only two novel aircraft for a Mach 5 and 8 flight are retained in the present proposal. Starting from the available Mach 5 vehicle and its related precooled turboramjet, assumed performance figures of different components ...
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High Power Electric propulsion: a Roadmap for the future (HiPER)

Start date: Oct 1, 2008, End date: Jan 31, 2012,

The main objective of the HiPER project is to initiate technological and programmatic consolidation in the development of innovative electric propulsion technologies (and of the related power generation) to fulfill future European space transportation needs. The objective will be pursued by conceiving and substantiating a long term vision for European space transportation and exploration, conside ...
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Green Advanced Space Propulsion (GRASP)

Start date: Dec 1, 2008, End date: Nov 30, 2011,

"Space activities and applications play an important role in strengthening the competitiveness of Europe by scientific progress in the knowledge-based society, and by providing strategic influence and security. Major successful space missions under European leadership have placed ESA and its Member States, the European science community at the forefront. To continue this path Europe must have inde ...
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