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HERA Joint Research Programme Cultural Encounters (HERA JRP CE)

Start date: Jan 1, 2012, End date: Dec 31, 2016,

The HERA Joint Research Programme Cultural Encounters (HERA JRP CE) consortium will establish a single joint transnational programme for multi-disciplinary research into the causes and consequences of cultural encounters. To understand cultural encounters is to understand the history and meaning of Europe itself, from the earliest periods of human settlement to the present day. Its effects impact ...
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NORFACE Transnational Programme on Migration in Europe (NORFACE PLUS)

Start date: Feb 1, 2009, End date: Jun 30, 2014,

During recent years persistent rates of international migration have generated a very high level social, economic and policy concern in Europe. Migration has become a multi-faceted phenomenon, transcending traditional explanations. There is much still to be understood about the causes, actualities and effects of these movements of people. The NORFACE transnational programme “Migration in Europe: S ...
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HERA Joint Research Programme (HERAJRP)

Start date: Jan 1, 2009, End date: Dec 31, 2013,

The HERA Joint Research Programme (HERA JRP) partners will launch a joint call for multilateral projects in two humanities research areas: “Cultural Dynamics” and “Creativity and Innovation”. By setting up a HERA JRP, the 13 national funding partners want to create collaborative, trans-national research opportunities that will derive new insights from humanities research in order to address major ...
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