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Consumers in Action (ConACT)

Start date: Jun 30, 2006, End date: Apr 29, 2008,

The project ConACT aims at the creation, establishment and dissemination of a wide network of Local Centres for Consumer Protection in order to create a Mediterranean cluster for intervening in the application of the European consumer policy in a more drastic method. The participating regions are characterised by important tourist activities and visits of tourists that are facing small or largest ...
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Mediterranean Tourism Network (MedTourNet)

Start date: May 31, 2006, End date: Mar 30, 2008,

The project MedTourNet aims at promoting the notion of sustainable tourism development of insular and coastal areas through: a) The development of new tourism products (eg. conference, educational, religious, cultural tourism, agrotourism); b) Reduction of the seasonality phenomenon thanks to the provision of new tourism products; c) The promotion of local traditional products; d) The use of new m ...
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