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Adalı Kadınlar İş Başında! - Island Women in Action!

Start date: Jun 15, 2015, End date: Oct 14, 2016,

To make the importance of women's entrepreneurial freedom in country's economic progress and development discernible, and to encourage new projects to be carried out, to determine any obstacles faced by women entrepreneurs, to provide the obstacles to be removed, to provide men to support women's entrepreneurship, to provide successful women entrepreneurs to be guide to other women in the region, ...
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Game Factory

Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Mar 31, 2015,

... of young people and to establish a deeper relationship with them what could lead to discuss/solve cross-releated problems. The training was lead by a staff member from Richter and 1 person from the Lithuanian organisation Lietuvos liberalus jaunimas. The local partner is the training was YMCA from Lviv.
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