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Start date: Nov 7, 2016, End date: Nov 6, 2018,

In line with the objectives of the Europe2020 Strategy and ET2020, through "AGROVEGA+", the consortium, led by the Lora del Rio Council, aims to improve the quality of education and vocational training, giving a European dimension to the educational paths and thus providing the young participants the opportunity to test and improve their skills: professionalism in the specific areas of vocational ...
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Start date: Sep 5, 2016, End date: Sep 4, 2018,

As School strongly rooted in the context of membership, but at the same time the bearer of uniqueness / special national character, the institute B. Lotti has always expressed well and met the training needs of the territory, ensuring, for much of the twentieth century, training technicians highly specialized in the field of mining at first and then also the chemical, with marketability of the tit ...
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