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moting Spatial Development by Creating COMon MINdscapes (COMMIN)

Start date: Aug 31, 2004, End date: Aug 30, 2007,

Transnational and cross-border co-operation have a growing need (e.g. EU-enlargement) for a precise understanding of the partner’s concepts and the planning systems they are embedded in. The improvement of solving similar problems in different BSR countries and on transnational activities can best be achieved by exchange of experiences and ideas, mutual training and further education as well as pr ...
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Medium Sized Cities in Dialogue around the Baltic Sea (MECIBS )

Start date: Jun 23, 2002, End date: Sep 22, 2005,

The project objective was to foster balanced spatial development by sustaining the development of medium-sized cities. Within this objective the project aimed at exploration of urban restructuring processes, formulation of recommendation for interlinking of local and national strategies and for economic, environmental and social development of the medium sized cities. This work was to be achieved ...
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