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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2020,

SPECTORS is een Nederlands-Duits Hightech initiatief dat het marktpotentieel van civiele dronetechnologie ontsluit door sensorinnovaties ten behoeve van remote-sensing en –monitoring. De civiele markt voor het gebruik van drones en de hieraan verbonden sensortechnologie voor remote-sensing, remote-monotoring, filmproductie en landbouw is immens. Het US-portaal Business Insider schat het marktpote ...
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SUSCLEAN will contribute to the development and implementation of a new generation of environment-friendly equipment sanitation and food product decontamination technologies ensuring food safety. Susclean is focused on minimally-processed vegetables (MPV) i.e. vegetables physically altered from their original form by slicing and cutting but remaining in a fresh state. We will develop knowledge, me ...
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"Legionella outbreaks have great sanitary, economic and social implications. Diagnostic method use to prevent and control Legionella is bacteria culture. Available detection kits are based on DNA technology, unable to discriminate between viable and non-viable bacteria. On the contrary, RNA is widely used as a viable bacteria indicator. Although molecular based techniques, as PCR and qPCR, have be ...
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