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Opening up the Natural History Heritage for Europeana (OpenUp!)

Start date: Mar 1, 2011, End date: Feb 28, 2014,

European natural history collections manage and give access to over 1.5 bn objects from the world's biodiversity heritage, covering most of the species described worldwide. These are reference objects for all the common and famous species in the world, incl. those of high economic importance and even those that have already gone extinct. Many have great cultural value as they were collected during ...
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Virtual Biodiversity Research and Access Network for Taxonomy (ViBRANT)

Start date: Dec 1, 2010, End date: Nov 30, 2013,

Biodiversity science brings information science and technologies to bear on the data and information generated by the study of organisms, their genes, and their interactions. ViBRANT will help focus the collective output of biodiversity science, making it more transparent, accountable, and accessible. Mobilising these data will address global environmental challenges, contribute to sustainable dev ...
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Indexing for Life (i4Life)

Start date: Nov 1, 2010, End date: Oct 31, 2013,

Partners to this proposal include the six major global programmes exploring the full extent of species diversity, a core dimension in human knowledge of global biodiversity.They are: GBIF and distribution modelling, the EBI/INDSC, and Barcode of Life initiatives and molecular diversity, IUCN Red Lists and the species conservation movement, and the Species 2000 Catalogue of Life taxonomic framework ...
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European approach to GEOSS (EUROGEOSS)

Start date: May 1, 2009, End date: Apr 30, 2012,

EuroGEOSS demonstrates the added value to the scientific community and society of making existing systems and applications interoperable and used within the GEOSS and INSPIRE frameworks. The project will build an initial operating capacity for a European Environment Earth Observation System in the three strategic areas of Drought, Forestry and Biodiversity. It will then undertakes the research nec ...
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