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Business Linkages Among Women Living in Rural Areas (Business Women)

Start date: Feb 28, 2013, End date: Feb 27, 2014,

Women living in rural areas face numerous difficulties which force them to assume underprivileged positions within the community, restricting their possibilities for full development, particularly in the sphere of economy. Therefore, this project has two overall objectives- economic empowerment and cooperation of rural women entrepreneurs and enhancing business opportunities for unemployed rural w ...
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Start date: Oct 31, 2008, End date: Oct 30, 2011,

Gender4Growth answers 2 background necessities: growth and gender equity. Gender inequalities are today still present in the economy. This provokes two problems: 1) a structural obstacle against growth, because significant share of the population (mainly women) has restrictions to job market access and entrepreneur opportunities, and 2) a source of unacceptable inequalities for a wants-be democrat ...
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