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Start date: Feb 13, 2015, End date: Dec 13, 2015,

YOUTH CULTURE 65XXX - 2015 is an intercultural youth exchange for young people between 14 and 17, with a total of 5 participating countries. In youth cultural workshops such as Theater, circus, hip hop dance, parkour, graffiti and media young people create a performance for the local “youth culture” festival in the city of Wiesbaden. This is embedded in an intercultural learning program using exp ...
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CYBER STYLER - updated

Start date: Feb 13, 2015, End date: Dec 12, 2015,

The aim of the project is show the similarities and differences of the life-realities of the european youth in various media to make tangible - including the digital living environment. The program of the week helps the participants to emphasize their cultural similarities and differences between each other and to appreciate them. Certain adventure-, theater- and game-pedagogical methods allow pha ...
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