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Mobility for Economy, Mobility for Environment (ECO²Mobility)

Start date: Dec 31, 2012, End date: Dec 30, 2014,

Ecomobility refers to the ability of individuals to travel by alternative modes to the private car (walking; cycling, public transport, car sharing) in an environmentally friendly, safe and healthy way.They are committed to improving accessibility to services and resources by taking into account the target audience, adapting the information to their needs and raising awareness of Ecomobility. Thre ...
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Bike Friendly Cities

Start date: Jun 30, 2011, End date: Jun 29, 2014,

The Bike Friendly Cities project deals with promoting and facilitating the use of bicycles as sustainable, healthy and friendly means of transport in cities around the 2 Seas area. A substantial increase in bike use for urban mobility will contribute to tackling some of the major challenges faced by cities today, through reducing traffic-related greenhouse gas emissions and pollution, reducing con ...
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Start date: Aug 31, 2008, End date: Dec 30, 2011,

Within TGN, partners from France and the UK aim to develop and promote their green tourism centres to improve community and visitor involvement and contribute to the development of green tourism in the 2 Seas area.While operating in the same field – Environmental Education and Green Tourism – each centre has developed distinct approaches to site and facility management, audience development, marke ...
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