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Start date: Dec 15, 2016, End date: Oct 14, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Various dominations, World War II and the recent immigration, make Sicily one of the most multicultural place of Europe and all over the world. Greek, Arab, Norman and Spanish Architecture draw the skyline of the city, the Anglo-Saxon influences mixed with native traditions are visible in the language and customs of its inhabitants, among whom there are more and more immigrants. This cultural heritage, however, does not correspond with the wealth that you would expect, in a region that is one of the last of Europe for youth employment, quality of life, education, environment protection and investment in culture. Compounding this, weighs the stereotype linking the Sicilian to organized crime, fueled by the lack of knowledge among citizens of a European community apparently linked to a currency, rather than culture.One of the main objectives of this project is to use this region as a symbol of the European culture that is, like Sicily, a set of diversity, that was born as a Cultural and Artistic Community, before to become an Economic Community. We will try, in this way, to rehabilitate the role of artists and intellectuals in the creation of the cultural substratum which allowed, more recently, to create the economic net called EU.30 participants, including 25 young people aged between 16 and 25 years and 5 group leaders, will be the protagonist in a project during which art will be used to discover european cultural heritage as a melting pot of different cultural traditions. They will also reflect on issues of peace, conflict, human rights and on the role of culture in the development of European citizenship, that promotes the adoption of sustainable life styles, that is models oriented to the welfare of the community, the development of the territories and to the creation of a unity feeling, today increasingly weakened.7 + 1 are the days dedicated to the following art forms: painting, dance, theater, music, photos, sculpture, cinema and cuisine, the eighth art form chosen as a symbol of aggregation and sharing. During the exchange, participants will have the chance to get involved, every day with a different art form, through which they will be able to express themselves and to discover the others, spending time also with games and activities focused on socialization, knowledge, cooperation, dialogue and confrontation. Ample space will also be given, during the days of the exchange, to the moments of self-evaluation among participants, aimed to stimulate reflection on their learning processes and results of such processes.Our methodological tools will be circle time, brainstorming, game, debriefing, focus groups and role-playing, as well as, by the very nature of the project, the use of artistic languages and expressive.Before the exchange, the preliminary visit between groups leaders will take place. The preliminary visit will have the aim to define and share the mode of selection of participants, the logistical issues related to the travel of participants and the protection of their security, the plan of the days of a preparatory course addressed to the participants - useful to prepare them to face such a multicultural mobility experience- and the plan of the days of the exchange.The preparatory course, a prerequisite for the exchange, will offer to participants information on Erasmus +, on the issues to be exchanged and on the countries involved (language, geography, habits, costumes). During the course, the group of participants will also have the task of creating an artistic product to be presented during the first day of the exchange, which will aim to represent the culture of their country: a teamwork that will complete the introductory course to the exchange.This methodological system will foster the participation and the direct involvement of the participants, the discussion, the dialogue, the self-expression and the knowledge of the others through the use of artistic and expressive languages and forms. It will stimulate the development of a feeling of unity, helping to activate a process of empowerment that will have, as a result, the commitment of the young participants in the dissemination of these values, the revival of interest in the issues addressed in the project and the promotion of a community culture oriented to the development of communities and territories.

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