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60+ Virtual Culture
Start date: Oct 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The progressive ageing of European society is a fact. Growing number of people aged 60 plus seem to be lost in new, virtual reality. Communication between people, contact with public bodies , banking, access to culture – all these fields require more and more virtual competences. Senior Centers, libraries have been providing computer literacy courses yet they are mostly focusing on very basic skills. We have acknowledge lack of educational offer enabling the elderly to get familiar with innovative technologies significantly facilitating their everyday life. 60+ Virtual Culture is a project aimed at strategic partnership for the benefit of adult education created by four partner organizations from Czech Republic, France, Poland and Italy each of which has long lasting experience in helping people threatened with e-exclusion and the exclusion from cultural life , in particular with senior citizens. The fact, that educational offer does not follow rapidly changing needs of the ICT environment and newly developed tools often results from poor competences of trainers and people working with the elderly. The trainers being themselves aged 50+ and having outstanding skills in the area of teaching their peers are at the same time facing difficulties when it comes to technological novelties. On the other hand a large group of people working for the benefit of seniors are young with great and dynamic approach and knowledge in the field of ICT, who can immediately recognize new applications, tools and devices. Not many people are aware of the enlarging digital gap between generations. The youth and the seniors have a completely different approach to virtual reality and the attempts to educate seniors with the tools created to suit the young is both difficult and ineffective.The main objectives of the project are:-promoting lifelong learning and the benefits resulting from cross generational cooperation of the educators (Staff of partner organizations).-cooperation between partners, exchange of experience and good practices and the development of mutual direction of activities combating e-exclusion of the seniors. -implementation of innovative solutions for adult education facilitating access to culture and everyday life. -empowering key ICT competences among people with poor skills in the digital environment. The innovative solution applied in our project translates into creation of educational tandems : one trainer shall be at the age of 60+ having extensive experience in providing computer literacy courses while the other provides state-of-the art expertise in ICT (persons with no former experience in teaching adults, freshly graduated and unemployed will be preferred). The combination of the skills and experience of both young and elderly will contribute to building better rapport with e-excluded seniors while providing high level training quality. The project involves four teaching tandems one from each partner organization. Meanwhile the project creates local activities aimed at seniors (adults aged 60+) namely two workshop programs concerning empowerment of digital competences for the group of 80 people. In the course of the project the educators will implement innovative teaching methods, present new digital tools and devices, applications designated for the elderly enlarging their access to virtual reality. The educators will take part in various workshops, trainings and study visits during transnational activities, while visiting partner organizations. This will not only create an opportunity to exchange experience, good practices and improving transnational cooperation but also to develop new programs for local activities. The trainings will boost both digital and language competences of the educators and will improve the quality of teaching offer of partner organizations adjusting their teaching methods to the needs of older people. Apart from actual meetings, the communication and the exchange of good practices of educators will be perceived via digital tools an virtual conferences. Moreover, the seniors from each partner organizations will have a chance to meet virtually on the regular basis in order to exchange experience and to participate in cultural events. The emphasis on the necessity of using ICT shall be put during accessing culture in the area of residence and in breaking barriers through innovative digital solutions. Our aim is to enable seniors to provide their peers with their cultural experiences via digital platforms and to teach them to visit virtual museums and galleries and to be able to present their cultural background on the Internet. The practice of mutual participation in cultural events of participants from different countries will help braking common barriers faced by the elderly such as communication problems(hearing and eyesight issues),financial barriers (thanks to group discounts) as well as geographical and physical barriers (commuting together,

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