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50 Jahre Deutsch-Israelischer Dialog. to be continued..
Start date: May 20, 2015, End date: Dec 20, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Sixty adolescents from Germany, Russia and Israel with different cultural backgrounds will gather in Berlin for an international youth project with its main focus on "50 Years of German - Israeli dialogue. to be continued". With regards to content the project build on against the backdrop of the 50th anniversary of the German -Israeli diplomatic relations. The youngsters should learn the historical importance of the special relationship between Germany and Israel, which is unique within the German foreign relations. Using the example of the 50th anniversary of the German - Israeli relations, the young people learned the importance of diplomacy and the role of political leaders in history and in present. Thereby the young people were encouraged being interested in the political education as well as understanding that they are responsible citizens, or soon will be. In order to support and guide a peaceful, tolerant and democratic Europe, the young people were taught by joining seminars and workshops to learn necessary methods and get diplomatic tools to translate it into the current Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Young people were trying to construct their own diplomatic solutions. Another principle subject focuses on the intercultural field. Using the example of the German - Israeli relations, the young people recognized the mutual enrichment in the areas of culture, education and sport for both people and they learned from the importance of diplomacy and the maintenance of the relations between countries and peoples with different ways of life for their own future political action. The project demonstrated the youth that modern Germany and Israel are new, multicultural and friendly countries. In addition the project gave the young participants a greater understanding of the fact that they are important co-initiators to build up and keep these sensitive political and cultural relations by creating connections between Germany and Israel to strengthen the bond between future generations. The young people were lead to the political thinking and intercultural dialogue by informal learning methods. This includes political workshops, history workshops, creative courses, meetings with witnesses and politicians, commemorative ceremonies, trips to Berlin, visiting international sporting events and concerts of Israeli and German singers.
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