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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The education and training of adult people is often hindered by the lack of clear and stimulating goals for the student. Sometimes because it is not adapted to the students’ real needs, and others it has not practical consequences in their everyday life.The project “4.0 SMART E-LEARNING PLATFORM: A BIDIRECTIONAL INCLUSIVE ADULT EDUCATION FOR EUROPEAN AND REFUGEES” will last 24 months and it would be necessary because of two reasons:On one hand, fostering adult people’s education through working with migrant people. Social voluntary service can be the activity that encourages adult people to improve their education. With the collaboration between social organisations working specifically in these matters and educative centres for adult people, an educative practical process will be created. This process will bring together the development of their basic and digital skills, a recognised degree or certificate, and an education combining virtual training and social services to increase their self-esteem, personal motivation, leadership and social undertaking.On the other hand, promoting the integration of refugees, offering them the tools for their integration through an e-learning platform which will adapted and designed according to their specific needs, in their native languages, by social organisations with experience in this field.The project will generate a collaborative system with an exchange of experiences between the migrant people using this education and national adult people and educative and social organisations, to promote citizenship, solidarity and integration. It will include an advice and tutorship system a three level which will feed back each other. The organisations with experience in adult people education (the project’s partners) will assist the social organisations working with refugees services in the design of educative materials and methodologies. That NGOs will guide the learning process of the volunteers, which in turn will become the tutors of the refugees with the support of the organisations with experience in education.This project expects to create a strategic network among five organisations (from Spain, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Czech Republic) with experience adult people’s education and in e-learning, to assess the reports “Adult Learners in Digital Learning Environments (EAC-2013-0563) and “An in-depth analysis of adult learning policies and their effectiveness in Europe”, which have been published in 2013 by the Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion General Direction from the European Commission.Taking this analysis as a basis, a smart virtual and telematic learning system is proposed, able to define the user profile (previous knowledge, languages, strengths and weaknesses in their education...) and to create personalized learning pathways that will allow social volunteer adult people to develop skills (both basic and specific) and certify their learning. The system will also include educative modules to improve the inclusion of the migrant people and refugees, through the development of their basic skills, namely reading, writing, math and digital skills. They will get accredited with professional certificates recognised by the European Union countries. In order to do so, an SMART EDUCATIVE E-LEARNING PLATFORM FOR INCLUSION is proposed, able to define the specific needs of the adult people to adapt the educative pathways to them, through both synchronic and asynchronic virtual learning, also counting with in-person and blended training that can be tracked by the users.This high quality intellectual result will propose a full educative service, with a great impact on: - NATIONAL ADULTS, who will find a motivation to study and to receive basic and specific education to be useful to their community and its people in need.- MIGRANT PEOPLE, who will find a virtual space where they can receive a specific and certified training, and where they will meet people and organisations willing to help them in their social inclusion.-SOCIAL ORGANISATIONS, which will find a specific training system for new volunteers, as well as an efficient way to bring the future volunteers into contact. Moreover, they will find a platform with resources and tools to create international networks and to obtain educative materials for adult people education.-ACADEMIES AND EDUCATIVE CENTRES FOR ADULT PEOPLE, which will find a system for the internationalisation of their education offer, and a new cross-sectoral methodology.This network, which will include the partners and multiple collaborating organisations from the beginning, will include over time more countries and new educative and social organisations.

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