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3rd OBESSU Summer School - "Share your Skills"
Start date: Apr 9, 2012,

The 3rd OBESSU Summer School“Share your skills”will be a space for partner organisations to share their expertise,competences,knowledge and skills on a variety of topics related to their daily activities as school student organisations.OBESSU believes that there is a great potential within its platform and this event will aim at releasing and enhancing it.Partners have very diverse, deep and remarkable expertise developed through their work,passion,activism and creativity.Putting their skills at disposal of other youth organisations will both strengthen them and help the further development of others as well as lead to higher quality practice in the future YiA projects.Being most of the workshops run by partners themselves,they will have a double role of facilitators and participants:on one side they offer others their expertise,on the other they also learn new skills while acting as participants.The continuous exchange of knowledge will be immensely profitable for everyone involved in the project and will create a great multipliers’effect.“Share your Skills”will be completely and solely shaped by participants and will consist of three phases. First:Preparation Training for Facilitators, where workshops facilitators will acquire competences in the field of non-formal education and methods and develop their workshops.Second:Summer School,where facilitators will put in practice their newly acquired skills.Some workshop topics:intercultural training,lobbying,campaigning,YiA,funding,graphic design,social media,public speaking.Third:evaluation and follow-up.“Share your skills”will create in Spain a 6 days international,non-formal learning environment where more than 40 participants from around Europe will discover different learning approaches and knowledge transferring methods and acquire skills for their personal and organisational development.

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  •   33 000,00
  • Youth\Youth in action (2007-2013)\Youth Support Systems\Training and networking of those active in youth work and youth organisations
  • Project on ERASMUS Platform

24 Partners Participants