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3E to 3I - Exchanging-Empowering-Engaging to Increase-Innovate-Include
Start date: Jan 15, 2015, End date: Jan 15, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth organizations working on participation and inclusion have sometimes limited results and they activities are not anymore attractive for young people and for the ones who have already attended once their initiatives. On the other side, youth democratic participation at EU level this is still underdeveloped since many youth are unaware of the power they could have to change society, while others are unable to “read” the reality and take part on it. Moreover, Youth work has less recognition than what it should have and in many countries youth organizations are not seen by the traditional political actors as key stakeholder in the the social and political arena. Having in mind this scenario the project 3Eto3I had as objectives to: -improve the quality of non formal education (NFE) activities by developing and testing innovative training and learning tools for more effective and inclusive youth initiatives; - support the professional development of those working in training and youth field by exchanging best practices and creating through a participatory and peer-review approach new educational tools able to attract and effectively involve young people; - enhance a transnational cooperation within youth organizations having different expertises and create a trustful and long lasting network of youth workers with high training standards jointly created through the seminar and assessed through the training course; - broader the understanding of youth practices and increase the recognition and the international dimension of youth worker’s role by developing high quality mobility and networking experiences and disseminating their outcomes through an Open Educational Resources. - promote active citizenship and encourage the participation of young people in policy-making initiatives enabling them to behave as active and informed citizens. - promote inclusive growth by raising sense of initiative and positive self-awareness among the disadvantage young people by involving them in innovative, peer, cooperative and learner-centred educational dynamics. The project intended to achieve these goals through 2 mobility activities and one final publication. 1) The Seminar “3E: new training tools on inclusion and active citizenship for youth workers’ empowerment” gathered in Lisbon for 6 days 20 trainers/experienced youth workers of all the ten partner organizations coming from Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Spain, Germany, Slovenia and Portugal. The seminar, as clarified by the first part of the project title (3E), was about: - Exchanging experience, tools and best practices; - Empowering trainers with new high quality training modules and other tools for professional development; - Engaging youth organizations in a coordinated effort towards the modernization, internationalization and recognition of youth work. The main part of the Seminar was the presentation of best practices and the sharing of innovative NFE activities followed by peer-review sessions to assess effectiveness, attractiveness and innovation capacity of each presented tool. This process led towards the creation of high quality training modules based on innovative NFE activities regarding inclusion and active citizenship. 2) The Training course “3I: Innovating youth working multiplying inclusion and active citizenship” gathered in Lisbon for 7 days 20 junior youth workers and young people of all 10 partner organizations. The Training, as clarified by the second part of the project title (3I) was about: - Increasing the quality, the effectiveness and the attractiveness of the youth worker’s activities, - Innovating the inclusion and active citizenship’s initiatives of the youth organization, - Including more young people in the society providing them new tools and a strong motivation to become active and responsible citizens. During the training course were tested and improved the NFE tools created during the seminar in order to assess the new training modules developed. Therefore, the TC, wss a direct outcome of the Seminar. As result, the project created the following positive change: - More modern, dynamic and professional youth organizations able to efficiently interact at European level and to integrate the new knowledge acquired, the good practices shared and new tool collaboratively developed into their daily activities and in their new active citizenship initiatives. - young people are empowered and have the space and the capacity to give their contribution for the development of the society. - young people with fewer opportunities are more included and become youth multipliers being able to advocate about topics they usually are affected by, but on which they rarely have a voice on. - The handbook produced containing the innovative training modules is disseminated and used by youth workers from all over Europe to lead new and attractive NFE youth initiatives.
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