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3D-Performance Learning Platform for Motorcycle Mechanics

In theoretical education it is sometimes impossible to show students aparticular part of an engine, a vehicle or a working cycle. Up to now thisproblem is handled using dummy parts, projected drawings, etc. Studentsvisualize, imagine how the real part looks like, works or how a process iscompleted within an engine or a process is carried out. With this kind ofeducation students need additional time for understanding that takesplace during practical training. Here, basically the same procedure isrepeated in order to enhance the content of theoretical education. and togive the possibility to recognize real parts. This makes practical trainingat least 20% longer. The main product of the 3D-PLP-M project is aspecial methodology that uses HOLOGRAPHIC 3D Virtual Realitytechnology. With this patented method a 3D virtual object is generated ofa part or a process. These then can be moved, modified without limits.3D-PLP-M can be used in common classroom activities, on stand alonecomputers or in internet based Life Long Learning process. The projectoutcomes include generating 3D educational material on DVD for themotorcycle mechanics education in the languages of the partnercountries and in English. A curriculum is also created during the project.As this procedure is a very recently developed science a teacher trainingis indispensable. Train-the-trainer course along with pilot courses will beused to test the training material at the partner institutions. The resultswill be fed back to improve 3D-PLP-M. Seminars and conferences willserve to raise attention for this new way of teaching and help valorisation.Any language version can be created to open a different way ofeducation across Europe. 3D-PLP-M shortens the time of practicaltraining and opens the possibility to have parts, engines, even completevehicles in any classroom, to view working cycles or working parts of astructure from within the engine. Trainees can hear the noise ofmalfunctioning parts. Dangerous processes can be demonstrated andpracticed without the need for the presence of students in the hazard.The efficiency of theoretical and practical training improves. E-learning ismade more attracting and efficient. This project will also produce anenormous effect in presentations, done for students and teachers, forcompanies, ministries and other groups interested in education andtechnology. It would be a milestone in development of vocationaleducation.

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