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3D H.E.R.O.E.S (3D Historical Environment Reproduction Of European Stories)
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

To create a 3D action adventure game, about the life of European heros based on historical, literature or mythical heroes from every country which the students will create and later play and learn while exploring and interacting with the game characters. The students of every school participating will choose a hero of their Country and will create a part of a Video Game in a platform. All the parts will combine in a Computer Game which will involve all the heroes and the challenges they face.The students play the role of one of the heroes created by the students and progress in the game by visitting the areas the students createdI propose for the game creation the “Aurora Engine” of the game Neverwinter Nights. It’s a 3D game engine which emphasizes in the interaction between the characters. The main characteristics of this Game Engine is its user friendly interface, its easiness in use, and the great documentation and support of the User’s Comunity. The main general educational goals following the Eurpean frame are: 1. Improving school attendance and to ensure school drop-out prevention; creating a positive learning environment , promoting collaboration within the school and outside(parents involvement) . 2. Improving pupils' entrepreneurial and leadership skills , promoting a holistic approach to child development; enhancing parental involvement; encouraging dialogue between schools. 3. Improving recognition of gifted and talented children and increasing their learning motivation. 4. To improve key competences: 4. Ensuring Teachers' professional development. Specific goals: 1. To encourage many of our students who are not interested or not so good at school because the theoretic teaching was too difficult or not too exciting to them to join and enjoy the lesson, who are not familiar or opposed to Computer Games and Computers to find that there are many useful things to do with them. 2. To encourage them to search and learn issues about Physics, History, English or other Languages, Computer Programming, Internet etc while they amused themselves. 3. To find that ICT , including computer gaming is not only blast, frag and kill but a constructive experience if it’s done properly. The planning for the Game Creation is to have student teams that will fulfill the tasks needed for its creation. For example we will have: The documentation Team with students who will search, combine, leverage and innitialise sources which could be poems, stories, novels, myths etc The Scenario Team The Director Team The Artwork Team The Development Team The Programming Team An Outreach Team and many more. Our students will exchange ideas, methods and even conclude with a game that incorporates the Principles of all the schools.
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