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Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Sep 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project involves vocational-technical and information technology teachers who provides education in the field of technical education in Bitlis Central Technical and Vocational High School for Girls(1),Bal?kesir Central Technical and Vocational High School for Girls(2),Bitlis Trade Vocational High School(3). There has been great advances in animation production and presentation with the start of using computer technology and developing softwares. Three-dimensional computer animation method has been started to use extensively in every field today. It is used in many fields such as in education indoor-outdoor design, landscaping, furniture, industrial design etc. Also, 3D animation and design programs play an important role especially in television, film, advertising and architectural animation sequences. With the help of 3D animation design applications, you can create and animate objects, environment ,scene that never exist.We have prepared this project due to the need of knowing and using important and useful applications for our trainers at this level in vocational education institutions. Our objectives are developing the course content of Graphics and Animation that is studied in the branch of Web Programming in Information Technology Department, teaching our teachers and students today's 3D animation designs, and improving our teachers? and students' skills. We intend to see and examine the applications of different countries,to get the acquisition of experience and information exchange and in social point, to identify and recognize the culture of countries in the European Union and introduce our own culture. In addition, teachers in three different institutions who are implementing vocational and technical education program in different part of our country will share information and come together in social context by the means of this project. At the end of our project, teachers who can train themselves in this subject will be more efficent in personnel training according to market conditions in their schools that are in different regions.Also in according to the demands, they will be able to teach courses which are suitable with the meaning of vocational education and training. Also with the support of our exhibitors and foreign partners,a web site will be created about 3D animation and all kinds of 3D content will be available free of charge. This web site will be updated and formatted constantly in accordance with wishes and demands of the users. The results and impact of our proposed project ,when we carry out and apply 3D Animation Design and Implementation abroad in our own school ,students' interest will increase in our school. Students who realize and learn our applications which are different from customary arrangements have prefered our school and thereby, vocational traning in order to experience difference.The content of Graphic Animation lesson will enriched ,by this means ,students' and teachers' profiency will increase and we will educate and inform students who adapting to the era of technology. Our project will provide to increase students' interest to our school , and students'achievement and satisfaction . In 2015-2016 academic year, Graphic Design Course was opened for 12. grade students and students take this course to two hours in a week. We will share animation traning which we have received abroad with the 18-person group of students in this course. Depature : Belgium between 22/03/2015 and 04/04/2015 Poland : between 02/05/2015 and 17/05/2015 there were 8 teachers for earch group. This project was carried out with 16 teachers. Starting date : 01/09/2014, Ending date : 01/09/2015
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