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3C: make a CHOICE to take a CHANCE to make CHANGE!
Start date: 01 Aug 2013,

Make a Choice - Take a Chance - Make a ChangeYoung people can change the world. Yes we can! But... how? We’re on a moment in our lives that we have to take choices for the future. Not only a better future for ourselves, but also for other people worldwide, for our planet and for the next generations. Can we choose whatever we want? Can we choose for our passions and dreams? Or do we have to listen to what society demands? How to deal with young people who don’t have the opportunities to choose? 500 students in Belgium will get the opportunity to discuss this issues with peers from Peru and Indonesia during 5 interactive youth events in October 2013. The outcome of the sessions will be disseminated in 20.000 youth magazines and a movie, and also delivered to relevant political, social and cultural actors.
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