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3C - Creation, Communication, Collaboration
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

“3C – Creation, Communication, Collaboration” youth exchange project is intended for young people of 19-29 years of age, that has theoretical and practical experience in the field of design. The project will be held in September of 2015 in one of the most beautiful places of Lithuania – Nida, where 24 participants together with leaders from four countries – Italy, Austria, Poland and Lithuania will create, communicate and collaborate in an international team to realize the main goals of the project. The most important of them is to creatively manually solve global problems and reduce youth unemployment by the means of collaboration and communication. Creation. Each participant of this project is at least to some extent connected with creation and has experience in realizing art projects. But organizers of this project seek to bring quick freehand sketching and manual project realization back to the sphere of design and realize creative ideas by using computer software not as intensive as in the ordinary way. During the project, participants will form three international teams that will solve proposed creative tasks. The process will be enriched with various other activities, where the engaged teams will be mixed together so everyone could have an opportunity to communicate with members of the other teams. One of these activities are the outgoing trips called “Handmade”. The regions of unique nature and rich traditions around Nida will become a site of search for “handmade” examples, starting from architecture details to handcrafted decorations, jewellery and even the traditional smoked fish. During these trips spontaneous "Erasmus+" programme presentations to the local inhabitants will be made. The exceptional natural environment, waters of the Baltic sea, Curonian bay and the abundance of dunes are perfect factors to aid the activity and vitalize the research process. “Handmade” creativity in all the aspects of life. Communication. A lot of artists are natural introverts, so open communication and active teamwork can be a real challenge. During the project, participants will communicate on a broad variety of topics and in different situations, including clearing out the aspects of creative project in professional terms, discussing its social and cultural effects and searching for the best means of expression (some tasks will be done as a homework using electronic means of communication). Non-formal communication will be developed during activities like cooking and food preparation in the “Kitchen” restaurant. Every evening different international team will be chosen to prepare a traditional meal of selected country or region. Participants from different countries are chosen intentionally to promote communication and creativity. Collaboration. One of the most important goals for the project organizers is to induce the reduction of youth unemployment. Similar tendencies are clearly visible in all the European countries – clients are searching for eminent artists and highly experienced designers while innovative works and ideas of young designers are sold very poorly. For these reasons during the project young artists will have an opportunity to directly collaborate and communicate with clients and representatives of the industrial companies, make a quick, intense and concentrated research to analyse the main points of the given task in very time-efficient manner and then, finally, make design proposals, realize and properly present the project to the audience. Direct designer and industry representative (client) communication is thought to be one of the main factors to improve employment and help at least part of the participants to find their workplace. Creative works, developed during the “3C” project, claim to assist the solving of global social problems, while the developed skills and competences will empower young creators to find jobs more easily, be competitive on the market and gratify the society with creative solutions.

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