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360 Seminar for International Youth Work Trainers
Start date: Jan 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SUMMARY“360 Seminar for International Youth Work Trainers” is a 4-day lasting meeting of 31 international youth work trainers, with the aim to devise, develop and implement a European reflection and feedback tool that uses the set of trainer competences developed as part of the European Training Strategy (ETS) and supported by SALTO Training and Cooperation. The seminar will implement a 360degree appraisal system for international trainers within the quality framework of international youth work trainings. The tool will be used to support the development of professional practice and the development of high quality non-formal youth work trainings. The meeting will take place in East Clare Golf Village in Bodyke, Ireland in spring 2016.CONTEXTThe seminar is taking place in the context of the newly emerging International Youth Work Trainers Guild (IYWT Guild) - an independent supportive community of trainers in the youth work sector that advocates on behalf of and contributes to each other’s professional development. The aim of the Guild is to ensure defined quality standards in delivery of youth work training activities. The community endeavours to have a positive impact on Youth Policy and non-formal education as part of life-long learning at all levels within Europe and neighbouring regions. We hope to do this through establishing communication platforms and systems to ensure our recommendations are heard by decision makers and through acting as advocates on behalf of its members and represent and grow our professional identity.OBJECTIVES• To develop a reflection and feedback tool that promotes the professional development of trainers• To utilise and build on the set of trainer competences (ETS and SALTO)• To implement and test the reflection and feedback tool • To measure the impact on individuals development and the quality of trainings• To strengthen the quality of non-formal education within the youth work training sectorPARTICIPATING COUNTRIES16 Program countries: Ireland, Austria, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, the UK. 9 Partner countries: EECA region – Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, and Western Balkans – Albania, Serbia, Montenegro. ACTIVITIESThe seminar is a meeting of international youth work trainers interested in exploring the development and piloting of a professional development and feedback tool. This involves participants critically reviewing the latest ETS Trainer Competences, offering recommendations and ideas for implementing a 360 feedback system for trainers, piloting and testing the developed system, reflecting and evaluating its functionality and value, exploring and understanding other appraisal systems and purposes, responding to the needs and proposed changes, full participation and contribution throughout the seminar, evaluation of the activity and open, transparent and consultative communication with the wider trainers world.METHODSThe diversity of methods will include: workshops about competences they have as youth trainers and tools they use to evaluate the quality of their work and youth trainings in general; peer interviews; assessment simulation games; work in small groups; group analysis tools – 360C° evaluation, 6 thinking hats, Case clinics and Blossoming issue; imaginarium techniques (projection of the image of youth trainers, future vision of youth trainers); interactive presentations; Expert tables and World Café; individual work – assessment of trainers competences, and pair assessment, creative labs.IMPACT, RESULTS & LONG-TERM BENEFITSThe developed 360degree appraisal system will form an essential part of IYWT Guild’s membership process and our aim is to cascade the opportunity after the Seminar. The documentation of the process through the digital reporting will inform the wider world of trainers and allow them to follow and feedback on developments. Each participant will have actively taken part in a self-assessment process of their trainer competences as well reviewed feedback from other stakeholders and identified their strengths and areas for development based on this analysis. They will also plan for further personal and professional development. For our partners it means supporting and investment in the opportunity and the professional development of the trainers they use in the field.On a wider scope, the seminar wishes to build on the importance of international youth work trainers taking more responsibility and having more autonomy for theirs and others professional practice. We strongly believe the focus on quality and the professional development of trainers will in turn ensure the sustainability and quality of future training activities and therefore will also in the longterm improve the quality of the youth work that young people then experience, and promote and raise the quality for trainings for NA’s and SALTO.

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