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3(Inclusion)³= MUST³
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

On September 01- 2015 the M- decree was introduced in the Flanders. This is the moment in which our schools were faced with the fact that, where children and youngsters up to then enrolled in special education these were now to be mainstreamed into regular education. However, experience in the classrooms and by our school teams as well as school policies emphasized that knowledge, experience and vision are sorely lacking with regards to this new decree. We must therefore conclude to date that neither schools nor teams are ready.Who are these “special needs kids” anyway? Are only children, whether or not they possess either medical or other labels included in the vision of Inclusive Education, or do we include the “social needs kids”, the socially weaker kids or the children coming from “lower social circles”? Two of the schools in our group are currently confronted with children experiencing the “refugee problem”, do we include them? This isn’t solely top priority for the EU but to each individual teacher, school team and school policy and this presents an acute situation in need of urgent and thorough investigation. We need clear answers, practical solutions and a permanent and supported vision …. This project needs a professional plan which allows impact both in depth and width.In the summer of 2015, School group 23, made the choice to strengthen its policy by means of going international. A director of a secondary school has been exempt of school duties and appointed as coordinator for international projects and policy support. The aim of the school group today is to resolutely and determinatively delve into the theme “Inclusion” by means of a multidisciplinary pilot group. Not only the urgent need of policy development and vision but also on the concrete development of a strategic plan that can be translated into meaningful and operational targets and a practical instrument applicable and usable on all levels.Ten personnel members from 4 basic schools (three mainstream schools of which two have a double function: firstly “mainstream” and a more personalized system of education , secondly a MPI or school for special needs kids up to 15 years old and GON. These together with 5 persons responsible for the school policies form the permanent group INCLUSION. The project will run for 2 years. A consortium is responsible for the running of the project and chaired by the coordinator responsible for bringing the school group to International level.Aside from the compulsory list of literature laid down for each participant our plan of action includes a digital analysis of the situation at the beginning of the project shown in all schools and a personal visit to at least 4 basis schools not participating in this project. All of the above is being funded by personal means and its aim is the registration of personal experiences in the field. Following the aforesaid, the group will professionalizes in two phases: One an internal course run by the College in Gent and a mobility by the entire team to a conference on “Implementation of the Evidence based working within the school”. Hereafter the committee will draw up a scenario including questions on learning, a manual for the mobilities. An evaluation will follow each mobility and the specifications will be adjusted.Between December 2016 and December 2017 five mixed teams will be visiting a carefully selected “guest school” for 4 days. Each member of the team will bring in excess of a global specifications book their personal view according to their personal or functionally orientated experience. The EU context of this job shadowing is of the utmost importance as far as the effectiveness of this project is concerned the more so as Belgium is seen as the worst pupil of the European class where “inclusive education” is concerned. Finally and after processing all the data, it will now be applied towards the effective fulfillment of our needs and aims as defined at the beginning of the project. During the dissemination phase more institutional members will be involved, i.e. the CLB, College, GON in carrying forward the procedure to 3rd parties. The project must lead us to a concrete improvement of quality and professionalism on three levels: the development of an improved, more pragmatic context, suited to our personal classrooms and the development of an eminent (supported) and experienced view regarding inclusion on school level as well as school group level.Combining the theme of the three-fold target group “special needs kids” with the threefold personnel category challenged by this matter and combining the above with the threefold aim, we arrive at some sort of mathematical formula which leads us to the title of the project: 3(Inclusion)3=MUST3. Filled with endless enthusiasm it is our wish to prove this statement herewith.
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