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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Regarding our school, the percentage of immigrant students is very high, 87 %, being the Moroccan communitty the dominant one. On the other hand, the great majority of the families of our pupils belong to a sociocultural and economic low stratum, which often leaves the education exclusively in hands of our professorship. Due to these reasons, our school educational project gives special importance to the communicative and emotional language learning. The teachers selected to perform the course are the English language teachers at Pompeu Fabra school. Both obtained the government job as teachers at the school. They will be in charge of implementing the learning of the English language through theatre at primary level. This implementation will be performed gradually. At the moment, we are testing this methodology at sixth level.Our aim is to teach English language through Drama and we have found a methodology called Glottodrama which fulfills our requirements. This method was conceived to overcome the most common problems related to the acquisition of oral skills in foreign language learning. The main idea was to challenge some long lasting and deeply rooted prejudices or pedagogical mistakes: the confusion between "language competence" and "communicative competence", the separation in language learning between verbal codes and no-verbal codes, the overvaluation of written work and grammar study, the undervaluation of an active role of the students in the learning process, the lack of creativity and use of imagination in many class activities, the inadequate self- motivation of many students who fail to reach the expected objectives. This methodoloy reinforces the communicative approach Once detected the needs in our school, this specific training in drama will allow us (benefits): - Learning the English language by using motivating, effective and communicative activities - Working the language from a emotional approach through theatre - Reinforcing the communicative approach towards the English language learning. The use of the language will be more spontaneous, being used as a tool for the expression of emotions and feelings, similar to the use of the native language. - writing our own scripts that can be adapted to the contextual reality of our pupils, allowing a more significant learning. Therefore, the requested drama training will grant the learning of the English language from a communicative and humanistic approach, being this the natural process of language acquisition.Planning and implementing activities: -Registering on etwinning (already done) - creating a Erasmus + commission (already done). The staff will be constantly informed - searching for material and information about the Glottodrama methodology (already done)- Applying for KA1 project - contracting the requested training - creation of a commission that will be in charge of evaluating the impact and projection of the training and the application in school- creation of a twinblog to report on the advances of the project - logistics of the mobility (purchase of tickets, contracting trip insurance...) - Working on the didactic material and questionnaires sent by the training academy - Taking the course in Glottodrama methodology. 2 weeks (40h) in July. Obtaining the certificate.- Reporting the staff about the restults of the course (expected goals and those who have been finally fulfilled)- Implementing the methodology in school during the year 2016-2017 an sixth, fifth and fourth level. The following school year 2017-2018 it would be implemented at third, second and first level- Spreading Glotttodrama methodology learned (etwinning, school education gateway, school website, jobshadowing, workshops ...) -Monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the project implementation during 5 yearsImpact: - the participants acquire the necessary tools to reinforce a communicative approach to the English language- Teaching English through drama from the following school year, implementing the methodology Glottodrama- We are applying for a KA2 project as coordinators and the main topic of this project is theatre. The training will provide us a new approach towards the planned activities and a good practice of them. - Spreading the methodology and results (etwinning, school education gateway, school website, jobshadowing, workshops in schools...) - Improving our test results of the official English language exam taken at sixth level (competencias básicas exam)

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