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3,2,1 Action for All
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project ''3,2,1 Action for All" is a shared project idea among 8 partner organizations (from Estonia, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Poland, Germany). The main idea is to empower youthworkers with nfl tools based on theater techniques in order to be more self confident and competent on implementing social inclusion practices. This way the 25 youth workers will improve aspects of personality and enhance their own professional improvement but also will turn into multipliers of international mobility opportunities.Youthworkers mention quite often their will to be improved and developed both personally and professionally in order to respond more effectivelly to their daily duties. They share the idea that social inclusion practices are highly important in order to reduce marginalization, exclusion and removing the barriers to participation and learning, especially when referring to the youngsters of their organization. Additionally youth workers recognize that some of their youngsters are non very cooperative with them. Partners organizations' project managers and trainers who participated in several international mobilities and trainings (under E+, YiA, LLP) highlighted the importance and effective contribution of Theater based learning through NFL as a mean and a tool for developing and improving ones competences and skills (social, creativity, digital, languages).Thus through this project we wish to provide time, means, methods, examples, practices and share ideas through joyful learning using Theater techniques based on non formal approaches in order to empower them with the development of their basic key competences for enhancing the implementation of more successful practices for social inclusion. In other words we will implement a project and a training course using Theater base learning in the framework of non formal approaches, in order to facilitate our youthworkers to:- empower the implementation of successful practices of social inclusion within their organizations;- assist youngsters within their society to turn into more persistent in building their future in the framework of innovation and entrepreneurship/creativity.So, we have decided that it would be a good start for supporting our youthworkers to plan, design, implement a 17 months project and deliver an 8 days TC (with 27 participants, in Tallinn, Estonia 05/11/16 -13/11/16-arrival and departure days are included) in order to propose, share and promote ideas and solutions to the identified problem. Our project managers and trainers will:- implement tools and methods basically from Theater and Social inclusion based on Non Formal Learning (like simulations, debriefing, case studies, Role Plays, Theater based sessions, reflection etc),- promote visibility and disseminate along with all partner organizations the power of E+ programme and results;- bring and establish a stable and fruitful impact to the participants, to their organizations, to local, regional and wider LLL Society. Objectives:1. To increase awareness on social inclusion and equity;2. To increase awareness on the importance of Theater as a tool for enhancing social inclusion;3. To share and suggest successful practices using non formal methods for enhancing youthworkers competences and competensies;4. To improve and develop basic key competences (social, creativity, languages, reflection) to Youthworkers for their personal and professional development;5. To train youth workers in the planning and implementing non formal learning through Theater for empowering social inclusion; 6. To create new future cooperation and increase the visibility of the results of Erasmus+;Impact: Youth workers will share experience and get positive influence on using theater as a tool for social inclusion but also their organization will open to lifelong learning community with new partnerships for promoting new ideas and tools for empowering solidarity and inclusion. Also partners' members will increase self confidence and will be motivated for mobilities and participating in projects related to international cooperation.Outcomes: New projects that will enhance the results of the 3,2,1 Action for All, youth workers will create dissemination products which will spread the word for the power of Erasmus Plus programmes, related brochures with experiences, photo albums, social media pages and small scale seminars within the partners' organizations.

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