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21st century skills for success - Teacher collaboration across Europe
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

One of the top challenges of the education systems nowadays is high achievement gap, both between students from different schools within a country and students from different countries. Whereas the analysis of top performing education systems show that students acquire not only subject-knowledge but also higher-order cognitive and non-cognitive competencies, as well as essential mindsets and attitudes. The development of these competencies and mindsets provide every child can become a part of productive learning process and gain skills they would need to be successful in the complex 21st century world. This project is another step towards bringing 21st century skills in each classroom. The project will put 32 young and motivated teachers from 4 countries into situation where they themselves will learn as 21st century students. By experiencing this approach they will learn how to teach 21st century skills their students. The project will be a part of training program for just-started teachers that is carried out by well recognised educational NGOs from 4 European countries. The teachers will implement 21st century teaching practices in their classrooms, have transnational digital cooperation to solve common tasks, involve their students in online cooperation projects, each teacher will participate in one exchange visit to another country, they will have regular goal setting, task review and reflection sessions and they will put their experiences together in a digital material to share with other teachers. By the end of the project teachers will have become experts in teaching 21st century skills and they will be motivated to continue their work in education on a national and international level. The students will have had an opportunity to expand their horizons and to gain higher aspirations and access to knowledge. The partner organisations will have had a chance to exchange the experience and improve their practices. We believe that the education challenges many European countries currently face are very similar. The achievement gap and the difference in motivation levels and the access to knowledge of diverse population groups are a reality that is best combatted through joint efforts. We believe that, given the chance to work together, the partner organisations will enhance each other’s impact and make contribution towards a growing and shareable body of knowledge which would benefit other external partners.
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