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21st Century Europeans, power to the pupils
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The current way of life in the 21st century should be reflected in the educational process and school life in general. Therefore the 21st century life requires the development of some special competences of both pupils and teachers. The teacher has become a facilitator, the pupils have gained more control and also responsibility over the learning process. Children are motivated to develop their creativity and social and communicative skills. On the most general level we are aiming to support and develop pupils' and also teachers' leading skills, creative and innovative critical thinking, sense of cooperation and team work , problem-based learning and, of course, intercultural learning, respect to other cultures and nations and language skills in this project. The cross-curricular project activities will be based on collaborative work among all participants and exchange of experiences and good practices among all stakeholders in the partnership. Through project activities with elaborate organization and coordination, based mainly on facing real-life situations and problem-solving, we are aiming to get the pupils ready for life in the 21st century and improve educational outcomes for pupils and schools involved. Through international cooperation of the pupils and teachers we are aiming to incorporate European dimension into the educational process and depict the ideal class of the 21st century where the relationship between pupils themselves and between pupils and teachers are based on communication, mutual cooperation, tolerance and respect. Pupils should be aware of their individual talents, skills and competences and teachers should ensure a real feedback for them and choose their learning and educational approaches and styles accordingly. The main goal of the project is stating the crucial contemporary skills of both pupils and teachers which are necessary for the successful and mutually satisfying educational process in the 21st century and further development of these crucial skills via project activities and international cooperation where all each participant gets equal space. This communication and wide sharing all participants' experience reflecting their everyday life will be carried out, besides traditional ways, also through new possibilities which the 21st century offers. The project activities will encourage the pupils and teachers to share their experience and communicate in English using social networks and the Internet, to use social media for enriching educational process, to use ICT effectively in teaching-learning process and also for establishing pupils' global awareness. The first preparatory meeting took place in November 2013 in the Czech school and the Netherlands and Portugal were participating. The main project objectives and aims, as well as the list of the topics and coordinating school were agreed there. The second preparatory meeting took place in Poland in March 2014 and the Netherlands, Czech republic, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Norway and Poland took part. Besides eight project partners mentioned above also Slovakia and Spain entered the project . The main innovative benefits of the project are related to the listing and development of the crucial pupils' and teachers' skills of the 21st century developed via new media and also to innovative organization of the project work based on the establishing of sharing pair countries ensuring the close cooperation between all project partners gradually within three years of the project work. As these crucial skills of the 21st century which is the project focused on we understand: ONLINE COLLABORATION - Wide sharing knowledge and ideas among all project partners, working and learning effectively and efficiently in an international teamwork through ICT and social media. CO-CREATION and KNOWLEDGE CONSTRUCTION - Combining and incorporating new information and insight with knowledge gained via ICT and social media. WORK-PLANNING SKILLS - The intercultural cooperation and project group work leading to the particular and sustainable products and outcomes. CROWD-SOURCING, PROBLEM-SOLVING and CREATIVITY - Creative and innovative approach to solving of the problems using the power of the community. DIGITAL INFORMATION LITERACY - Development of the personal informational startegy in a meaningful critically evaluative way. GENERAL INFORMATION LITERACY - Use of information in the context and correct hierarchy of information while living in a forever-changing media landscape. CONTENT CREATION - Development of the online contents, learning to transfer the message online and understanding to the media use. The main final outcome, the project website, will summarize all project work and will be publicly accessible after the end of the project funding. It might serve as a great source of educational and methodological materials for teachers and pupils all over the world.
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