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21.Yüzyıl ve İş Kazaları-Gençler Ne Düşünüyor ? - 21. Century and Work Accidents – What Do Young People Think?
Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Nov 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

As Development and Innovation Office our purpose is to contribute to development of our country by supporting with projects which produce creative solutions for sustainable development.This development should be human-centered in every area. Turkey, which is economically 17th country in the world, take place near the bottom in the world in respect to health and safety of worker. Consequently it barely mentions about a development with human-centered.The conflict big economy / low safety of worker compose the source of our project. We, who are student, youngand unemployed in today, will bethe workers, people in charge, managers and decision-makers in the future.As young people who want to contribute to development of our country so our own future, we want to draw a perspective of development with human-centered.So we aim to take responsibility, to have a voice about subjects related our country and us, to create a change and development by sharing our ideas with decision-makers. We will draw attention on work safety with the project, and we will tell again how it does and may cause troubles to public opinion and present our solution offers. Our project will bring together young people and decision-makers as collaterally with main principles of structured dialogue, will provide to show a wholistic approach to solution of social problems, will provide to take common steps to develop the society individuals, came from different places of the society, live in and will invite young people to active citizenship by giving them responsibilities.Beside our project is focused on young people in a way that comforted with principles of structured dialogue. 95% of individuals who will participate in our projects are between 18-25 ages.In the main reason of several work accidents again these people take place.In our country which child labor is unbelievably high, there are hundred of thousands workers who work without insurance in order to earn their own life. In our country, which is the 3rd in the frequency of work accidents, it is not hard to estimate that thousands of young people without any insurance are exposed to work accident. It is crucial that young people, who will be workers, in charge and taskmasters in the future, should be informed about this matter, take responsibility and make decision-makers to be active. The word “crucial” in here unfortunately has an abstract meaning for our country in which we lose thousands of people in work accidents in every year. Again our project is closely concerned including young people. Half of young people who will participate to our project form all cities of Turkey are socially disadvantaged young people. These young people will be the ones who are unemployed, work without insurance or have an experience their previous job, they or their relatives are exposed to work accident and volunteer about this matter. Our project “21. Century and Work Accidents – What Do Young People Think?”, prepared based on all these units,will produce basically human-centered solutions about work safety and health of workers which cause to lose our thousands of people in every year and anomalously increasing in the last century which we are proud to getting developed, and will be actualized as a project which contribute to produce solution offers by including young people.150 young people from all quarters of Turkey, decision-makers, experts, educators and representatives of non-governmental organizationwill participate to our summit which will last 5 days. It will be actualized in 18-23 June in Bursa.

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