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21. Yüzyıl Metodları ile Eğitim
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In Our school there is an interactive board in each class which are located in each classroom within the Fatih project which was established by our board of a national project in the workshop. There are tablet computers which can be integrated to the boards for each student.  This investment which has a highly educational and economic value must be used urgently when the tecnological growth rates are considered. For this purpose, we would like to increase the integration of the quality and competitiveness in a sustainable manner 21st Century Education Fatih project with existing methods. However, it was observed in the examinations, the course teachers, both technical use of ICT tools; programs, software, etc., are related to lack of knowledge and experience in both the selection of appropriate topics in the curriculum. In addition, innovative approaches to learning and teaching methods outside of the traditional problems are encountered. The aim of the project is (especially for the participants); to use ICT tools effectively to develop appropriate e-learning objects to select and produce knowledge and skills to be able to be used in classrooms. We also provide participants to the opportunity to compare the use of ICT in our country with the EU. Thus, as a tool for learning and teaching environment is aimed to deepen their understanding and mastery of ICT. Along with these, is to help to provide participants the opportunity to learn about different cultures and language development. Another objective of the project is to change the attitudes of students' which are have low achievement levels in subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Foreign Language), however, change the direction of interest and attitudes favorable to the course is to improve the achievement levels of the students. Based on these objectives, our aim is to convert our organization to more professional, dynamic, modern and an innovative organization. Our school is located in a central location and has a fully equipped conference room with a capacity of 300 people. A large part of the official and local meetings are held here in our town. In this case,in a short duration of the project it can be possible to share and spread in all districts the knowledge and experiences. The project is intended for 10 teachers from Mersin Hacı Sabancı Anadolu Lisesi which is in Yenişehir-Mersin,including 4 main responsible teachers and the head master of school and 5 other teachers. Our project will commence on 1.9.2015 and will run for 24 months. Our Project includes attend a course in International Training Center (ITC), visits to University of Salamanca, the school Stadtteilschule Arheilgen. Participants will be selected by our school Erasmus + Project Development Team and will do the necessary work to result in a smooth and healthy way of preparation for the events and activities. During the activities our participants will obtain technical information in this knowledge, practice, observation, will hold workshops and conduct learning by doing. Monitoring and evaluation of our projects and participants will be conducted in cooperation with our partners. Extensive dissemination of the skills acquired by our participants and our project results to be shared with all relevant local and national authorities and institutions will be organized. With the project, participants using Fatih process tools, techniques, and as the most competent of practical size, the students according to the level and curriculum, unique and capable of producing quality e-learning objects and courses may be able to use effectively. We also can develop a modern learning environment and will make it sustainable. Thus, an increase in the professional qualifications of the person who will be participating preferred. Together with them to develop the participants' cultural similarities and differences in cross-cultural communication skills, thereby enabling them to be aware of and develop foreign language. Students will have more interest and motivation in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics and Foreign Language towards the course, so that students will learn in school more permanent, will increase their success in national and international exams. Our students will be more creative, confident in solving the problems faced. Since our last experience in an EU project effected the awareness and the school atmosphere positively this project will have more effect on students and also the teachers since it is concentrated on direct learning and teaching. In our whole school it will be possible to have sustainable,efficient and professional modern learning environment which can be a model for all other educational institutions and decision-makers.
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