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Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project 2/3 SECTOR was conducted in collaboration with the STORM Association and Prostor plus o.p.s., non-governmental organizations with a long-term experience working with adolescents exhibiting risk behaviour. Since 2003, the STORM Association has been operating in the field of the risk behaviour prevention in the region of Nitra and Trnava. It manages stable programmes addressed to myriad of target groups (children and adolescents, drug users, sex-workers, family and relatives, public) in three cities. Moreover, it engages in volunteer and awareness raising activities. The employees of the STORM Association are university students or absolvents who dedicated their work to help young people. The Prostor plus o.p.s. has 12 years of experience in the field of social services in the region of Stredné Čechy. Their objective is to provide quality services in the area of social prevention and protection of both psychical and physical health of individuals and society. The major intent of the project was to educate young people to an extent that would enable them not to be fully dependent on government grants when providing social services in the future. As a result of the educative approach of the project “2/3 SEKTOR”, they gained fundamental knowledge which is essential to be capable to identify how the commercial market functions, what its advantages and disadvantages are and how to practically apply this information in order to generate a basic commercial strategy. On the grounds of acquiring new skills and obtaining new information, workers have developed flexibility in the market, capability of self-financing and a potential to subsequently extend the range of services for the young. Overall, we have significantly contributed to an increase of professionalism in the young people who will be more confident at their current job positions as well as in the future high-demanding labor market. Participants were professionals from the STORM Association, Prostor plus o.p.s., Agarta, Prima o.z., VAGUS and University of Trnava qualified to work with unorganized groups of adolescents manifesting pathological behavior as for instance truancy, bullying, as well as experimenting with drugs and drug abuse. What all the NGOs have in common is not only the interest in working with problematic adolescents but also the urgency of their capability to perform well in the labor market. They all maintain activities with a focus on marginalized groups. The project participation comprised of 20 professionals while 10 were from each partner country. The primary activity was a 7-day training focused on increasing competencies of participants in the commercial market and at creating room for gaining superior knowledge of participating organizations with the vision of future cooperation on other projects. A substantial activity was the establishment of the product/service supply to the market where the employment of the market methods (advertising, banner, movie, etc.) will play a significant role. The main purpose was to form a profitable activity which will partially financially substitute the state subsidies. The potential long-term benefit would be an entire financial independence of any type of external financial support.

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