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1@2 WEEKS COURSE FOR EUROPEAN TEACHERS OF ENGLISH AT SECONDARY LEVEL Creative Activities & Motivating Materials for the Secondary Classroom
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The course "Creative Activities and Motivating Materials For the Secondary Classroom" covered a range of topics that are adapted to the changing conditions of teaching English to secondary school students in the twenty-first century. It is intended for secondary school teachers who are looking for new solutions in teaching methodology at the present time. The taining group consisted of several people from different European countries, which promoted an individual approach of teaching. The training was attended by one experienced teacher from our school. The course included several different training modules, each focusing on a different aspect of English language teaching (creativity, motivation, culture, education in Britain, ICT, English.). The classes contained mostly practical activities (workshops), in addition to inspiring discussion of how different learning styles students are, and lectures (like one on Shakespeare`s work). Creative materials made during the course serve to motivate students . Furthermore, the opportunity to explore the history and culture of the United Kingdom through organized tours for all participants was created. During the course our participant gained the theoretical foundations that are necessary to successful creation and implementation of lessons suitable for modern styles of teaching. Much of the information presented was verified in practical approach, involving participants and provide them with ideas for creative activities in the group. Each module attempted to turn the existing knowledge and experience of the trainees in order to create a supportive learning environment. In addition, within each individual project produced some of own teaching materials and a teaching programme were made according to the needs of the school environment. The objectives of the training included:  - Creative exercises and ideas to prepare lessons  - Explore new teaching methods that have emerged in recent years, as well as task-based learning, problem-based learning - Presentation of activities that encourage students to use creative thinking and critical thinking skills - To familiarize the participants with shifts in culture and in the workplace and how to apply these values in the classroom - Examine the role of media in teaching - Examine the role of cooperation in the education of students and how to encourage students with different learning styles to work - The introduction of strategies for creating multidisciplinary teaching materials - Sharing ideas and identifying cultural differences of other nationalities in the EU - Provide teachers closer insight into British education and culture. Integration with other countries approaching teachers of different nationalities, enabled cooperation after the course and gave a perspective to establish cooperation between schools in European programs such. Erasmus +. Two participants (from Italy and France) have written an application for two joint projects within Erasmus+ KA2. The results of the course include increased training of language competence participants to familiarize them with the latest methodological solutions, expand our knowledge of educational systems in the Europe and other European countries, to improve the knowledge of participants about aspects of Culture. The results have been materialized in the form of articles on the content of the training and the advantages thereof, illustrative materials in the form of photos and descriptions developed on the basis of participation in training, teaching materials (finished and prepared by the participant). All these have been transferred into better results for high school students, more students willing to acquire certificates and study in the European Union. Inter-school cooperation is fruitful today, as teachers who met last year have written a joint projects.

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