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19th Annual ENIC-NARIC Meeting
Start date: 01 Feb 2012,

Project title: 19th Annual ENIC-NARIC MeetingProject description:Like every year, the centres belonging to the ENIC and NARIC networks get together to share experiences, ideas and suggest new directions in the field of recognition. Apart from the people working for these centres, other international organisations and experts are also present, benefitting from this opportunity to exchange relevant information to their academic/professional interests. The 19th Annual ENIC-NARIC Meeting in Toledo will also be an excellent opportunity to exchange information, experiences and pool knowledge on an informal basis, and the cultural programme of the meeting will also contribute to maintaining this positive atmosphere. At this joint meeting a presentation of the Spanish education system will be included. This presentation will also comprise information on relevant issues such as quality assurance, accreditation and the Spanish qualification framework.The ENIC-NARIC Centre in Spain will work on all the preparations for this meeting aiming to organise a highly beneficial event for all the colleagues and institutions present.Summary of project activities:- organisation of the plenary meeting, - organisation of the meeting of the working groups, - organisation of the meeting of the NARIC Advisory Board and the ENIC Bureau,- organisation of the session on the Spanish education system,- preparation of the cultural programme.Target groups:- representatives of the 55 ENIC-NARIC centres, - representatives of the European Commission, - representatives of the Council of Europe,- representatives of UNESCO,- representatives of other invited organisations and institutions related to the fields of HE and recognition.Impact:The 19th ENIC-NARIC Meeting will be an excellent opportunity to exchange updated information on key topics such as higher education, recognition processes and other issues related to these fields, promoting the idea of fair recognition in both networks’ countries.
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